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Defect Management

One major testing goal is getting defects back into development as early in the cycle as possible. Defects must be customized for each team’s use and easily available for developer access. The ideal test management tool should have API integrations to CI/CD in order to support continuous testing.

Plutora Test includes a rich defect management and tracking module that is highly customizable to support any development methodology. Defects map to test cases and requirements and include a comments stream so developers have a complete view of the user story, issue, repro steps, associated spring and any relevant artifacts. JIRA integration does a two-way sync of defects, providing flexibility to development teams to use theirchoice of tools. It includes the best reporting and interactive screens to ensure maximum efficiency across the entire team.

Defect Management Dashboard - Plutora Test
Defect Management Detail - Plutora Test

Plutora Test for Defect Management

  • Plutora Test is 100% SaaS-based. Enable all your project stakeholders to participate even if they are external to your organization. No need to set up shadow users in your Active Directory or create special DMZ sites for communication.
  • Get a single view of defects across the enterprise with shared artifacts and comment streams eliminating rolling up reporting across various tools.
  • Get a real-time, interactive requirements traceability matrix. Never create defect pivot tables in Excel again.
  • Empower Agile and DevOps teams to draft, discuss, approve, build, test, retest and deliver with a highly customizable interface.
  • Defect Management is part of Plutora Test eliminating the need for point solutions.
  • Allow developers to continue to work with their favorite tools with Atlassian JIRA integration that supports two-way sync of defects.
  • Keep the entire team up to date with stakeholder alerts.
  • Work anywhere, anytime and on any device – even on Apple iWatch.
  • Get the best-looking reports in the industry.