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Test Case Design and Management

The core of the test process revolves around test cases that verify functionality. Having a centralized list of test cases enable the entire team to understand the types of tests to be performed keeping a consistent set of artifacts.

Plutora Test includes rich test case management features eliminating the need for point solutions. Test cases can be bulk imported from legacy tools and Microsoft Excel. Each test case is comprised of steps with preconditions and postconditions. Integrated comment streams enable both internal and external teams to collaborate on testing progress and share testing methods. Test cases are organized in hierarchical folders where they are included into test plans.

Test steps can be both manual and automated utilizing Selenium for local and remote scripting. Test cases relate to requirements and defects enabling a real-time requirements traceability matrix giving the business a single view of the quality and test progress.

Test Case Design Dashboard - Plutora Test
Test Case Design Detail - Plutora Test

Plutora Test for Test Case Design and Management

  • Plutora Test is 100% SaaS-based. Enable all your project stakeholders to participate even if they are external to your organization. No need to set up shadow users in your Active Directory or create special DMZ sites for communication.
  • Get a single view of test cases across the enterprise with shared artifacts and comment streams and eliminate existing test planning documents and the constant need for manual maintenance and syncing.
  • Get a real-time, interactive requirements traceability matrix. Plutora Test has planning and traceability built in that automatically relates test cases to requirements and defects.
  • Empower Agile and DevOps teams to draft, discuss, approve, build, test, retest and deliver with a highly customizable interface.
  • Source test cases natively or from your existing tools. Use the Bulk Upload feature to import test cases from legacy tools and from Microsoft Excel.
  • Include Selenium-based tests that work reliably and execute them with ease.
  • Eliminate the need for point solutions with built-in test case management.
  • Keep the entire team up to date with stakeholder alerts.
  • Work anywhere, anytime and on any device – even on Apple iWatch.
  • Get the best-looking reports in the industry.