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Reporting & Analytics

Test metrics and insights drive quality activities at every stage

Eliminate the struggle to show testing progress and results in the way you need to see them. Dashboards, reports and analytics are tightly integrated into the entire product. Beyond gathering information, data is interactive enabling endless drill down to answer the “why” instead of just “what.”
Achieve a central hub for capturing test metrics across automated and manual testing tools. Plutora Test provides metrics and insights enabling your entire team to influence quality across the entire delivery pipeline.

  • Track real-time progress of all testing activities including unit, automated, integration, API, regression, performance, exploratory and traditional testing.
  • Ensure coverage and effectiveness of the testing effort.
  • Delivery teams get rich, contextual insights on release activities, test progress and open defects.
  • Drill-down navigation exposes details needed for specific action.

Ensure test case coverage

Do what you can’t do in Excel – have interactive reporting that drills down into relevant areas. Get a single view of all aspects of testing progress across the enterprise with shared artifacts and comment streams eliminating rolling up reporting across various tools. Manage the testing activities against those requirements to ensure proper coverage. Utilize the interactive Requirements Traceability Matrix to visually map defects-test-requirements and the overall progress of the testing effort. Hover for details on a section or drill down for further analysis.

Endless Visualizations, Dashboards and Leaderboards

Plutora Test integrates with several automation tools such as Selenium to bring enterprise management, control, and reporting to test processes.  Track metrics for automated Selenium tests along with manual tests.  Create visualizations that correlate between user stories, related test cases, and known defects to provide stakeholders valuable insight into validation efforts across all projects.

Turn aggregated release, quality, and deployment data into rich, contextual insights with Plutora Analytics

  • Combine escaped defect data with release information to identify variables that predict release success/failure.
  • Connect islands of automation with a common repository of time-based portfolio-wide datasets.
  • Focus on outcomes and leading indicators to evaluate IT performance.

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