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Test Planning & Execution

Completely manage the testing process

The test plan includes the important test cases that need to be executed against a build, including assignments and due dates. Test managers plan each test run with associated test cases and resources to execute the tests. Test plans and test plan execution tracking help organize teams across the enterprise regardless of their development methodology.

Real-time alerts keep stakeholders up to date.  This ensures efficient tracking of the activities during plan execution. Plutora Test includes the best reporting and interactive dashboards ensuring maximum efficiency across the entire team.

The testing command center

  • Get a single view of test activity across the enterprise with shared artifacts and history ensuring proper test coverage and maximizing the testing effort.
  • Testing includes both manual and automated test utilizing Selenium and other tools.
  • Enable Agile and DevOps teams with powerful customization as they draft, discuss, approve, build, test, retest and deliver.
  • Eliminate time wasted exporting to Excel for reporting. Get real-time progress reports, dashboards and interactive analytics.
  • Integrated comment streams enable both internal and external teams to collaborate on testing progress and share results.
  • Easily access all aspects of test activities including requirements, test cases, individual progress, dashboards, and comment streams.
  • Keep all parties up to date using customizable stakeholder notifications.

Improve efficiency with test automation

  • Import, execute, and manage Selenium scripts executing TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber and many others.
  • Coordinate manual and automated tests from a single interface.
  • Ensure proper test coverage of requirements and user stories.
  • Auto-sync defect tracking with Jira.
  • Establish traceability between test cases, defects, and requirements.

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