Release Orchestration

Create a symphony with every release

Make complex releases simple by capturing and improving your processes with every release.

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Release Orchestration

Map your releases

Take the guesswork out of release processes

Move away from spreadsheets and document each activity in a release for every team in Plutora

Automate tasks

Focus on high-value work by automating tasks

Eliminate manuals tasks such as locking the scope of releases when you approach a release date

Use any methodology

Connect teams at every stage of DevOps

Using templates for every type of release you can orchestrate and coordinate work between more and less automated teams.

Healthcare provider

“Plutora is now our single system of record. before, release data was scattered across the enterprise.”

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Define releases based on team capability

Fast-track releases as teams improve

Change release processes as teams evolve their DevOps capabilities to reflect the decreased risk of each release.


Achieve continuous compliance in every release

Ensure that every team meets the compliance requirements for their release process without slowing them down.

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Become the hero of software development

Source of truth

Centralize Releases

Bring all of your releases into Plutora by mapping each step of a release.

Automate Tasks

Remove manual tasks and drive efficiency in your release process.


Improve Workflow

Identify inefficiencies and make improvement to release processes.

Manage by Exception

Stop updating spreadsheets and spend time creating solutions.


Push Processes Forward

Reward teams with faster processes as they improve DevOps abilities.

Initiative Tracking

Continuous Compliance

Bring every team into compliance with lightweight governance