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Software release orchestration

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Defined phases and quality gates. Activity list with drill down navigation. Track teams assignments. Import release and activity templates.

Plutora Release provides the framework and data model to orchestrate complex delivery pipelines.

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Release Tracking

Manage and track release flow at the individual, group, or portfolio level within a common repository.

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Connect people and islands of automation that limit visibility of activities and associated metrics.

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Dependencies Tracking

Identify system relationships and perform ‘What If’ analysis on shifting release dates and dependent activities.

value streams

Time to Value

Visualize the value stream to find waste in the system and streamline workflows.

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Single View

All stakeholders can view the process for delivering products to customers.

Plan and orchestrate complex releases

  • Introduce process consistency and standardization with a repeatable release structure.
  • Define roles and responsibilities, then trigger automated notifications of due dates or missed deadlines.
  • Release orchestration is independent of development methodology, deployment model, or application provisioning method.
Release Orchestration Tools
PR - Systems Impact Matrix Risk

Trace the intricate web of system and project dependencies

  • View the nature and extent of all systems impacted in a release with easy to read heat maps or charts.
  • Understand the ripple effect of changes in scope or schedule.
  • Identify code implementation or downstream regression verification dependencies.

Integrate with disparate delivery team tools

  • Assign user stories and associated dev and test workflows to specific releases.
  • Collect data from dev, test, PPM, and ITSM tools for a holistic view of activities and associated metrics.
  • Bi-directional synchronization maintains accuracy across diverse toolsets.
  • Complex filtering and queries eliminate manual consolidation efforts.
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