Stay ahead of the curve with advanced reporting tools

Maximize your test environments by easily gauging the relationships among releases, environments, and environment requests with comprehensive reporting.

Reporting and analisys


Visualize every aspect of your environments

Access reporting tools to view the status of all of your environments.

  • View booking and change requests over time.
  • Quickly generate real-time reports and share them with stakeholders.
  • View charts summarizing the volume of outstanding requests.
  • Search a request database and drill down for details.
TEM painkillers

End manual tracking and solve your
Test Environment Management challenges 


Monitor your projects with comprehensive status dashboards

View summary charts and monitor booking and change request completions over time.
  • See supply and demand metrics.
  • View summaries of change requests and release booking status.
  • Share the URL with stakeholders, or download vector image files.

“We are rolling out a dynamic, company-wide IT test environment view in the UK where key stakeholders will be able to self-serve with customised dashboards and reports and see environment utilisation centrally for the first time. Plus they can be alerted to any potential system conflicts, enabling them to have a direct conversation with the stakeholders affected and take immediate action.”

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forecasting Tools

Eliminate guesswork by using demand forecasting tools

Use historical data to show demand-based forecasts of test environment needs. See utilization levels to estimate and manage resources.

Analysis Tools

Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive analysis tools

Turn aggregated release, quality, and deployment data into rich, contextual insights.
  • Consolidate thousands of data points with complex interdependencies for ongoing evaluation of iterative changes.
  • Ensure local optimization is productive.

Utilization reporting

Know where to use resources for maximum impact

Save countless hours and precious resources with better asset utilization and chargeback functionality.


Continually track the relationship between releases, environments, environment requests, and environment handovers over time

Conflict Reporting

INcident TRacking

Quickly identify the root cause of incidents and improve delivery.


Status Reporting

Easily view the status of your environments and change requests.

Automated REporting

Automated REporting

Generate shareable reporting with just a few clicks.

Utilization REporting

Utilization REporting

Improve asset utilization with insights that help you manage your resources efficiently.​



Stay ahead of demand with forecasting data based on historical usage.


Actionable AnalYTICS

Leverage your own data to get insights and improve delivery times.

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