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Link change ID's user stories to change request Specify changes to host, asset layer, and system component Build numbers and change history are automatically archived Trigger a Jenkins job on demand

Improve configuration
tracking to enhance validation efforts

Enterprise releases are a complex dance of moving parts, and each project has a unique set of test environment configurations for each phase of the release. Decentralized tracking and disjointed change processes increase the likelihood of misconfigurations. Test teams run the risk of executing tests on incorrect configurations, increasing the risk of poor quality software.

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Change request

Centralize configuration change requests.

Icon - Configuration History

Configuration history

Reliably track configurations and change history.

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ITSM tool integration

Enter configuration change requests directly or upload from your ITSM tool.

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Jenkins integration

Leverage Jenkins to update builds and auto-populate version data into audit history.

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System components

Map system components, configuration details, connections, and protocols used in an environment group.

Self-service change requests for QA teams

  • Specify changes to host, asset layer, and system component.
  • Optionally pull in change requests from ServiceNow.
  • Insert comments, add user stories associated to request, or attach documents for reference.
  • Track approval status of request.
environment configuration
environment configuration

Rigorous change request processing for administrators

  • Assign configuration change policy rules and create workflows for each change type.
  • Define role-based permissions and assignments.
  • Sequence tasks and create approval processes.
  • Set up notifications for stakeholders when environments are requested or modified.
  • An audit history of workflows, change requests, and build versions is automatically saved.

Track configurations and history

  • An interactive map of the environment group shows system components, configuration details, connections, and protocols used.
  • Quickly build new environment groups as configurations evolve.
  • The audit record contains a searchable history of events and updates.
environment configuration
environment configuration

Robust Jenkins integration

  • Trigger Jenkins builds with push-button ease.
  • Track application status at each phase of the delivery pipeline.
  • Incorporate Jenkins build versions into audit history.
  • Configure and verify stability of test environment prior to installing a new version of code.

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