Clear test environment bottlenecks fast

See directly into your environments and quickly eliminate lost time due to misconfigured environments. Prevent invalidated testing and escaping defects.

Environment Configuration


Bring order to ad hoc change request processes

Finally, get change request management tools for your non-production environments. Use tools to specify changes to host, asset layer, and system components, plus track approval status.

  • Use self-service tools for QA teams.
  • Pass change requests bidirectionally with your ITSM tools and trigger change requests automatically.
  • Streamline your processes with flexible approval workflows.
  • Access comprehensive reporting, including trend data.
  • Pull in change requests from ServiceNow.
  • Add comments and user stories to requests and attach documentation.
TEM painkillers

End manual tracking and solve your
Test Environment Management challenges 


Put boundaries on configuration change requests

Set your mind at ease by creating better controls for change requests.

  • Define role-based permissions.
  • Track change request status.
  • Set up notifications for stakeholders.
  • Keep an audit trail.
BT group

“Plutora allows us to have greater visibility, transparency, and control of environment composition that ensures the right configuration has been applied to environments at the right time. We now have better insight into our IT release and environment teams.”

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Show an interactive map of integrated environments

Never be in the dark. Get a map showing system components, configuration details, connections, and protocols.
  • Visualize the make-up of any environment.
  • Identify application gaps.


Easily link change requests to user stories and test cases

No need for double work to link change requests. Quickly add user stories and test cases with easy-to-use tools.


Support governance with audit history information

Simplify governance by having a central location for configuration history. Easily track change history.


Manage planned environment downtime

Use scheduling tools to set aside environment downtime.


Track configuration details for every environment

Self-Service Booking

Self-Service tools

Enable your QA teams with self-service change request functionality.

TEST Case Planning Tools

Easily link your change requests to user stories and test cases.

Initiative Tracking

Change REquest TRacking

View the configuration history of every environment.


Mapping Tools

Visualize system components, configuration details, connections, and protocols.

Build Tools

ITSM Integration

Easily bring in change requests from ServiceNow.

Initiative Tracking

Governance Tools

Track configuration history for audit purposes.

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