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Continuous Delivery Pipeline dashboard
Full list of applications and their current build version across your enterprise releases Quick access to historical deployment data Track all the applications connected to your end-to-end Test Environments Application status insights for each environment

Improve the partnership between
dev and test to limit wait states

Although developers may have established Continuous Integration workflows that rapidly create testable builds, test teams are often stuck waiting for a properly configured test environment or aren’t sure what changes new code contains. For enterprise releases, tightly-coupled applications have dependencies across multiple release trains. If a single pipeline faces delays, the flow of the entire release is jeopardized. Coordinating these complex release trains at enterprise scale requires balancing the pace of change with the controls needed for application stability

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Remove waste

Minimize time-consuming handoffs to remove waste from the system.

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Everyone on the same page

Integrations with specialized dev and test team tools increase visibility and coordination.

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Better quality

Product quality increases when test teams can easily identify what changes new code contains to ensure accurate test coverage.

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Automate delivery pipeline

On-demand deployment speeds the progression of code along the delivery pipeline.

Expedite the handoff of new code from dev to test

  • Test teams receive automated alerts when code is available for testing.
  • New builds from dev automatically link back to original change ID.
  • Understand what changes new code contains to ensure accurate test coverage.
  • Apply a Jenkins job to an environment and build on demand.
  • Everyone can view application status at each stage of the pipeline.
continuous delivery pipeline
continuous delivery pipeline

Visibility of fast moving CD pipelines at scale

  • Assess new code quality as it progresses along the delivery pipeline.
  • See where each change has been introduced and when versions were deployed.
  • Find impediments and process inefficiencies.
  • Track all code versions released across all environments for easy auditing.
  • Increase visibility and traceability from inception to production.

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