CD Pipeline

Quickly check the status of your builds and accelerate handoffs

Get a clear view of the status of all of your builds and ensure that application versions are correct on the path to production.

CD pipeline

Build Tools

Expedite handoffs from code to dev to test

Keep everyone informed using build tools to ensure that everyone can view application status at each stage of the pipeline, including build success.

  • Send automated alerts to test teams when code is available.
  • Automatically link new builds from dev to their original change ID.
  • Ensure accurate test coverage and identify trends impacting build quality.
  • Apply a Jenkins job to an environment and build on-demand.
Jenkins automation
TEM painkillers

End manual tracking and solve your
Test Environment Management challenges 

BT group

“Plutora’s ability to track changes from development through over 245 various environments into production has been essential to our success.”

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Spot bottlenecks with CD pipeline data

See the whole picture and gain traceability from inception to production.
  • Assess code quality.
  • Know when versions were deployed.
  • Find bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Track all code changes.


Get the full picture of your entire pipeline with status reporting and tracking for every build

Release intelligence

Build STATUS REporting

Easily view the status of builds throughout your pipeline and identify trends.

Initiative Tracking

Utilization Tracking

Monitor utilization rates and reclaim idle resources. Block out maintenance windows.


VErsion TRacking

Know exactly what versions were deployed and when.

Build Tools


Link new builds to original change IDs. Get automated alerts when code is ready for test.

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