Plan, Schedule & Book

Get a centralized scheduling & booking system

Get out of the manual booking business and start using professional tools with calendar views and conflict reporting. See everything you need to know about your environment schedule.

Plutora Environments - Schedule Plan Book

Self-service Booking

End manual tracking with self-service booking

Use self-service booking tools for your test environments and move away from cumbersome spreadsheets and constant manual updating.

  • Free yourself from unreliable and out-of-date manual spreadsheet tracking.
  • Give your stakeholders a clear view of what’s available, in real time.
  • View approval status and potential conflicts with other projects or releases.
  • Make it easy for teams to drag and drop available environments into release phases.
TEM painkillers

End manual tracking and solve your
Test Environment Management challenges 

Conflict Reporting

Get on top of conflicts before they cause delays

Dodge test environment delays by getting a clear view of scheduling conflicts before they become problems. Get easy-to-use reporting that shows all of your booking requests by date.

United energy

“Plutora clearly articulates environment conflicts in the planning phase, which provides plenty of time to remediate these conflicts before project execution, by either creating additional test assets or implementing application virtualization techniques or changing the project sequencing altogether.”

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Booking approval Processes

Solve unauthorized environment usage with workflow approval processes

Avoid unwelcome surprises by implementing controls on environment usage.

  • Define role-based permissions and assignments and stakeholder roles.
  • Create workflow components, sequences, and approval processes.
  • Use flexible filtering to search for releases in your portfolio.

Environment Impact matrix

See what’s missing in your environment bookings

Clearly understand how environment bookings stack up against releases and approvals.

  • Know what environment bookings are missing.
  • See which bookings still need approval.
  • Centrally define test environment relationships and track dependencies.


Increase visibility and control with centralized scheduling and a robust booking engine

Self-Service Booking

Self-service Booking

Streamline test workflows with a self-service booking engine.

Conflict Reporting

Conflict management

Quickly identify conflicts before they become problems.

Release calendar

Calendar Views

Clearly view your environment bookings in one centralized tool.

Dependencies visibility

Get a graphical view of system and cross-project relationships and dependencies.

FLEXIBLE Filtering

Easily find releases using search capabilities.

WORKFLOW Approvals

Set up permissions to limit unauthorized changes to environments.

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End delays due to misconfigured test environments. Manage, schedule, and track all of your environments in one place with a free instance of Plutora Test Environment Management.