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Resource Planning

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Monitor test environment utilization over time Search environment database and drill down for details View environment usage by environment type Key metrics dashboard

Continually track the relationship between releases, environments, environment requests, and environment handovers over time

Test environments are a significant investment and idle capacity wastes capital. Lack of usage data reduces accuracy of capacity planning and makes it difficult to charge back the business for resource utilization.

Icon - Predict Remediate

Forecast management

View utilization levels to forecast future demand and related resources needs.

Icon - Remove Waste

No more waste

Find underutilized environments to consolidate or decommission.

Icon - Visibility

Real-time visibility

Cross-charge project teams for actual environment usage.

Comprehensive reporting

  • Monitor booking and change request completion over time.
  • Charts summarize volume of outstanding requests.
  • Search request database and drill down for details.
Test Environment Management
Test Environment Management

Check status indicators

  • Dashboard views consolidate supply and demand metrics.
  • View summaries of change requests and release booking status.
  • Share the URL with stakeholders, or download PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG vector image files.

Turn aggregated release, quality, and deployment data into rich, contextual insights

  • Improve environment management with comprehensive analysis and visualizations.
  • Consolidate thousands of data points with complex interdependencies for ongoing evaluation of iterative changes.
  • Ensure local optimization hasn’t created global degradation.
Test Environment Management

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