Plutora vs. Tasktop

Comparing Value Stream Management solutions?

With Plutora, Value Stream Management is more than just a dashboard. Go beyond flow metrics and take action to streamline your product value streams. Plutora’s action layer enables you to automate governance and gain a deep understanding of releases, environments, and deployments.

More insights with the power to take action

Business intelligence for every role

Powerful analytics deliver business intelligence at enterprise scale with dashboards built for IT executives, product managers, development managers, and engineering teams. Take your software delivery teams from reactive to proactive with end-to-end insights from Plutora.

Release Management & Orchestration

Define and schedule hierarchical releases, track dependencies, manage approvals, and maintain compliance while accelerating change. Extensive reporting and analytics provide actionable insights into release schedule & quality risks.

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Bring together business & IT needs by building governance into engineering workflows to give engineers the freedom to code while managing risk. Plutora delivers powerful governance to meet engineering teams where they are for continuous compliance & automatic auditability.

Environment Management

Centralize bookings, resolve conflicts, and track system dependencies. Eliminate error-prone manual configuration management and change control processes while streamlining test workflows with a self-service booking engine and centralized environment schedules.

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“We knew our delivery requirements and productivity needed to ramp up very quickly. That’s why we ended up choosing Plutora.”

Jarrod Roberts, Release and Environment Manager, ServiceNSW

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