The Business Value of Automating Release Management
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The Business Value of Automating Release Management

Is Poor Release Management Costing You?

Quantify the Value of Effective Release Management.

A Better Release Automation Demands Better Management.
In this white paper, you’ll find a review of the most common structural inefficiencies plaguing release deployments and preventing successful continuous delivery.
You’ll also find practical recommendations to avoid such pitfalls.

Most importantly, you’ll find data backing up every point and calculations to compel a financial re-examination of your release management infrastructure.

The Business Value of Release Automation

The best way to demonstrate how an organization can realize the benefit of using release automation is through a practical example, which is based on our experiences from multiple customer engagements. Using figures and information based on this insight will bring to life the tangible benefits provided by Plutora.

The following return on investment calculations is based on assumptions for an application delivery group responsible for the delivery and release of 20 applications supporting a single business unit.