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Datasheet – Plutora Test

Datasheet – Plutora Test

Plutora Test is a modern test management tool for the enterprise that supports the complete software testing process across all types of development methodologies, from traditional Waterfall to Continuous Delivery approaches. It uses a single instance for all projects, consolidating testing design, planning, manual and automated execution, defect tracking and progress reporting to improve efficiency every step of the way. It integrates with all related tools and systems, such as JIRA and Selenium. It engages stakeholders and drives collaboration between teams with analytics, metrics, and reporting capabilities – features not found in any other tool. It is highly customizable and adaptable to individual teams.

Organizations using legacy systems can easily upgrade to the SaaS studio in just a few clicks using the Bulk Upload feature in Plutora Test to incorporate existing requirements, user stories and test cases.

Product Feature

  • Requirements
  • Bulk Upload
  • Test Plan
  • Test Case Design
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Interactive Execution
  • Defect Management
  • Executive Reports
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