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It’s Time To Sunset Your Legacy Test Management Tool

Legacy test management tools like HPE Quality Center are weighing you down. They’re expensive, clunky, and hold up the velocity of Agile and DevOps-focused teams. Time to say goodbye to legacy – and hello to Plutora Test.

Many enterprise IT organizations are struggling with legacy test management tools that choke software testing efficiency. Testing teams are desperate to move to a better solution but are sitting on the fence because it is either painful to switch or there is limited support for multiple development methodologies. They also lack the confidence to try a new tool at enterprise scale.

Plutora Test solves all these concerns and creates a win-win situation for testing teams: they can switch in a matter of minutes with the Bulk Upload capability, support multi-speed projects, and rest assured they are joining some of the world’s best enterprise application delivery teams when they onboard the Plutora platform.

Why switch from HP Quality Center to Plutora?

  • Easy to migrate.
  • Single view of all testing projects with consolidated reporting.
  • Designed for Agilefocused teams with support for waterfall and other methodologies.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Flexibility for mobile workforce.
  • JIRA and Selenium integrations.
  • Open APIs.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership on cloudbased SaaS platform.
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