Jenkins integration with Plutora Environments

Jenkins integration with  Plutora Environments

Plutora and Jenkins Continuous Integration

Continuous integration practices regularly integrate new code into a shared codebase, producing testable builds at high velocity. For complex enterprise releases, as the build rate increases, the probability that any given change will impact multiple systems also increases. Test environments encompass a seemingly unlimited combination of components and architectures, and environment managers with hundreds, if not thousands, of test environments face the daunting task of maintaining accurate configurations. Executing tests on incorrect configurations or waiting for a test environment update wastes valuable resources that test teams can’t spare.

Plutora Environments provides a single resource to schedule, manage, and maintain test environments. The consolidated calendar shows where and when environments have been assigned, and centralized booking avoids conflicts that result in testing delays.  Integration with Jenkins build automation enhances visibility and management of multiple release pipelines across the enterprise portfolio.

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