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Struggling to Integrate Selenium into Your Ice Age Test Management Tools?

Struggling to Integrate Selenium into Your Ice Age Test Management Tools?

Automated Tests with Selenium

You want Selenium. Your team wants Selenium. But your outdated testing tools don’t work with it. And jumping in and out of different applications is killing testing efficiency. Those rusty test management tools are holding you back. It’s time to give them the boot. If you’re going to stay relevant, you need Selenium tightly integrated with your test activities. To make it work across the enterprise, you need Plutora Test.

Selenium is the most popular test automation tool utilized today. It’s no wonder given its broad language, browser, and platform support. You already know Selenium will speed up testing, but it doesn’t integrate with your dusty test management tools. The integration of Selenium and Plutora Test solves these problems, creating unique value. The SaaS nature of Plutora makes it easy to manage the strengths of Selenium in a diverse and fast-paced enterprise environment. Automated tests can be quickly applied to existing projects, to reduce the testing lifecycles without compromising risk or quality. Plutora Test manages both automated tests and your existing manual tests, so you can intelligently ease into your migration to automation. It’s easy to see those manual tests that are ripe for automation. The customizable process flows and live telemetry dashboards make it a win-win for everyone.

Why Selenium & Plutora?

  • Support manual and automated Selenium testing activities in a single tool
  • Wide range of languages, browsers, operating systems, and mobile platforms supported
  • Designed for Agile-focused teams with support for waterfall and other methodologies
  • Integrates with Jira Software
  • Lowest total cost of ownership on a SaaS studio
  • Simplify management of test scripts, batches and plans. Easily find most effective areas for automation
  • Personalize workflow for each project, team or release
  • Track and distribute testing telemetry automatically to dashboards and reports for all stakeholders to access
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