Sunset HP Quality Center and Move to Plutora Test
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Sunset HP Quality Center and Move to Plutora Test

Legacy tools like HP Quality Center are keeping your software testing in the dark ages.

Key takeaways

  • Business drivers for migration
  • What to consider when moving
  • Three ways to export and archive work items
  • How to import using Bulk Upload
  • How to implement the new tool and reap the benefits

Holding onto legacy test management tools such as HP Quality Center reduces team efficiency, requires more time to manage and maintain, and limits the team’s ability to adapt to modern development methodologies. Lack of efficiency reduces overall coverage and allows more bugs to find their way into production where they are expensive to fix.

Teams often find that the biggest inhibitors to change are the cost of investigating something new and the risks associated with change. This white paper explains how you can retire HP Quality Center and move to Plutora Test to overcome your test management challenges.