Achieving IT Delivery Assurance Through Effective Enterprise Release Management
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Achieving IT Delivery Assurance Through Effective Enterprise Release Management

Is Ineffective Release Management Hurting Your Delivery?

Take Delivery Assurance Beyond Project Portfolio Management.

Over the last few years, the techniques and practices for assuring IT delivery have grown by leaps and bounds.

This white paper will:

  • Explore the ins and outs of modern Delivery Assurance.
  • Explain the need for a more holistic approach.
  • Lay out a concrete strategy for superior Delivery Assurance.

Developers have a number of tools at their disposal and testers take solace in tools that help track test cases and manage defects.

However, Program managers, IT delivery managers, and delivery assurance managers have been forced to compromise with a combination of high-level project management tools, low-level spreadsheets, and their own ingenuity to help ensure the integrity of IT delivery.

The main tool used by project management offices is a project portfolio management (PPM) solution. PPM tools help program managers and delivery managers to plan and prioritize business requirements and manage the portfolio of strategic programs and tactical projects. However, PPM tools are largely focused on project costs and the overall success of projects and initiatives from an ROI standpoint; they do not offer much in the way of insight for delivery assurance.

While PPM tools can help with overall planning, costings, and resource allocation, there is often a major gap between what is planned and the fitness-for-purpose of what is delivered by IT. A PPM tool might give delivery and program managers an idea of the overall plan and the human resources allocated to a particular project, but it fails to add any governance, foresight or control to the delivery process.