Can your Enterprise Survive the Digital Business Era
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Can your Enterprise Survive the Digital Business Era

Accelerate business performance to stay ahead of the competition.

Why change release management now?

While waterfall techniques and manual spreadsheet management have been effective in the past, the disruptive state of business is forcing companies of all sizes to consider more accelerated methodologies.

In this white paper, you’ll find:

  • Value and importance of accelerated business performance
  • Why Enterprise Release Management
  • How using Plutora’s release management tools can accelerate your business performance.

Introduction: Every Business should be a Software Business to survive the Digital Disruption

The new reality is that every company relies on software—both to streamline internal operations and to improve customer experiences.

However, the rate of software updates is quickly outpacing the traditional means of release management that large enterprises have in place.

There are plenty of resources available to explain how to implement enterprise release management on a more technical level. From a higher-level business perspective, though, it’s time to answer the question that could make the difference between staying ahead of competition for years to come or falling far behind the curve as more innovative companies take charge and disrupt you—why change release management now?