Disciplined Agile and DevOps
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Disciplined Agile and DevOps

Blending Agility with Risk Management and Governance

Tame the DevOps Beast, Push Your Organization Forward.

Despite the hype, DevOps is no magic pill. It’s a sophisticated organizational methodology that requires planning and commitment in order to work.

In this white paper, you’ll find:

  • A review of where DevOps came from and where it currently stands
  • The ugly side of heavy automation and an agile release structure
  • Why such drawbacks are not fundamental to DevOps but the results of undisciplined execution
  • An elegantly simple solution

The State of Agile and DevOps in the Enterprise

Using throughput measures such as deployment frequency and deployment lead time as well as mean time between failures for stability measurement, the State of DevOps report shows statistics regarding high-performing IT organizations using DevOps principles:

  • They deploy code 30 times more frequently than disjointed DevOps organizations.
  • They experience 60% fewer failures than mismanaged DevOps teams.
  • Their release cycles are up to 200 times faster than those IT departments that haven’t mastered DevOps collaboration.
  • In cases of failure, high-performing DevOps teams recover 168 times faster than low performing peers.

At the very least, the State of DevOps report proves that DevOps can facilitate the results that the collaborative strategy has promised for years. However, the question remains—what are these high-performing IT organizations doing that other DevOps teams haven’t figured out yet?