Enterprise Release Management and Bi-Modal IT Environment
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Enterprise Release Management and Bi-Modal IT Environment

Are Slow, Business-Critical Releases Blocking Your Path to Agile?

Explore the benefits and challenges of operating two corollary release modes…

Adopting a Bi-modal IT structure gives CIOs and release managers a good way to look at and relate to their varying IT projects, but that doesn’t magically make good management easy.

In fact, while such a design carries the potential for a superior risk-reward balance, the devil’s in the management.

In this whitepaper, you’ll find:

  • A definition and brief history of Bi-modal IT
  • The practical challenges that break down
  • Bi-modal IT structures
  • A way forward for Enterprise Release Management and the Future of Bi-modal IT

Introduction: What is Bi-modal IT?

The IT community is constantly searching for ways to deliver on the increasing demand for faster business innovation at lower costs. Agile development processes seem to have taken over as the dominant means of IT delivery, but the reality is far more complex.

The enterprise IT landscape is stuck between two pools of IT projects – slower business-critical releases and modern, rapid-fire releases. To support the diverse teams, processes, and systems throughout an organization, CIOs can’t dismantle the silos that have kept business technology up and running for years. However, as release schedules become more demanding, it’s clear that there must be fundamental changes to the way CIOs and their employees approach software releases.