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Innovate financial services for your customers faster

Streamline releases across multiple critical systems such as accounts, web services, and fraud detection with visibility and control across applications

  • Verify compliance
  • Increase reliability
  • Predictive Insights

Minimize risk.
Maximize value.

Plutora unifies toolchains into one data pipeline enabling portfolio-wide governance standards with complete traceability verifying compliance

Discover how BT Financial Group reduced release risk with 100% release and environment visibility View Case Study
Plutora Phases and Gates
Plutora Audit History
Plutora Deployment Library
Plurota Release Activity

Repeatable templates make reliable releases

Coordinate, automate and track release activities across pipelines, methodologies and teams with release templates and real-time observability

Learn how a financial services company doubled their release frequency in two years View Case Study

From data overload
To strategic insights

Learning from the outcomes of releases across the portfolio, the Plutora AI informs decision making with “what if analysis” during planning sessions

Learn how visibility and control can achieve a 2 month payback period for financial service companies
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Deploy Command Center
Deployment Plan

The new way to delivery complex software

Before Plutora
With Plutora
Manage release activities with multiple pipelines and SDLCs using a spreadsheet
Create release templates, track activities in real-time, improve with traceable audits
Deliver higher quality applications at scale Release Management
Manually implement governance requirements across teams and actively combat drift
Create, implement and verify compliance to portfolio approval and governance requirements
Increase release and deployment frequencies while controlling risk Release Planning
Use complex spreadsheets to estimate change impacts across application releases
Quickly check the impact of many potential changes with AI-powered predictive insights
Make better decisions faster to imrpove software delivery Predictive Analytics