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Deployment Managers

Reduce risk for complex deployments and unify them across teams with a centralized command center, automation and configuration tools. Move away from long weekends and make deployment as easy as breathing.

“Our team used to be only visible if we got things wrong. Now we’re visible in terms of demonstrating that we’ve got things under control.”
Deployment manager

The Challenges for Deployment Managers

Deployment management has a reputation for long and risky go-lives, with long weekends for team members. Turn the tables on outdated processes and streamline deployments across to teams to reduce risk and make cutovers into non-events. Gain complete visibility and automated orchestration that makes deployment pain-free.

Disparate methodologies

Conflict Reporting

High levels of risk

release manager lack visibility

Lack of visibility

Change Controls

Too many manual processes

release manager poor coordination

Team burnout from cutover weekends

release manager poor audit trail

Poor audit trail

Plutora streamlines deployment to minimize risk


Create a master deployment plan to unify teams and coordinate manual and automated tasks.


Get a clearer view of opportunities to automate tasks and reduce errors.


Use tools to practice deployment before you go live, reducing risk, and elminating long arduous weekend go-lives.


Confidently go-live with blue/green or canary deyployments. Get the beneifit of automated orchestration and complete visibiity.


Continually improve your deployment process with easy auditing.


Support CI/CD with dashboard reporting. Track deployment status,deployment plans by group and downtime.

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