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DevOps Managers

Take control of your projects with increased speed and quality. Leverage centralized controls, end-to-end views and improved collaboration to remove bottlenecks.

DevOps Manager

The Challenges for DevOps Managers

With a multi-discipline team, cross-functional reporting, multiple project stakeholders and constant delivery pressures, the issues are never-ending. It’s difficult enough to get everyone on the same page not to mention the technical and political issues involving personnel.

release manager lack visibility

Lack end-to-end visibility

sacrifice quality

Sacrificing quality for speed

qa manager - difficult to track

Difficult to track requirements

devops manager limited workflow controls

Limited workflow controls

release manager poor coordination

Poor team/resource coordination

release manager poor audit trail

Poor audit trail

Plutora Gives You Both Speed and Quality

Increase Delivery Velocity

Automatically managed lifecycle workflows, improved test environment management and coordinated deployments work together to create a significantly increased delivery chain.

Improve Quality

Track requirements from start to finish. Comprehensive views and analytics enable quick identification and deep-dives into hot-spots in every aspect of the project and development chain.


Take control of your projects with improved hand-off coordination and project specific collaboration. Now multi-discipline teams can work together without coverage gaps and unnecessary overlap regardless of geographic locations.


End-to-end visibility lets you know the status of every requirement, release and project. Powerful analytics also enable the drill down to see the cause as well as impacts of issues and delays.

Increased Productivity

Automatic tracking and report distribution enables your team to focus on what they were hired to do. Our SaaS based solution enables tracking and management from any major browser type, or on the go with a tablet, smart phone or an iWatch.


Secure and detailed logging supports even the most stringent regulatory or compliance requirements.

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