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Plutora for

Environment Managers

Get complete control of your Test Environment Management throughout the enterprise with a consolidated end-to-end view of configuration, allocation and bookings.

“If you don’t have proper environments management, then you don’t have control over the baseline that you’re testing against, which means it’s more risk to your production.”

Environments Delivery Assurance Manager

environment manager

The Challenges for Environment Managers

Test Environment Management if not properly managed can be incredibly chaotic. Environment requests arrive daily from multiple teams each with unique needs, complex environments configurations have to be perfect, multiple locations of information, resource allocation is a gamble.

environment manager ineffective use

Ineffective use of High Value Environments

environment manager missing component

Missing or wrong Components

release manager lack visibility

Lack End-to-End Visibility

environment manager schedules hold

Schedules hold at Quality’s Expense

release manager poor coordination

Poor Coordination between Teams

release manager poor audit trail

Poor Audit Trail

Plutora Improves Workflow Visibility and Product Quality

environment manager

Team Alignment

A single source of truth enables the entire team works from the same source of real-time information. Consolidate Scheduling to a single up-to-date view.


Increase Delivery Speeds

Maintain Configurations in a centralized library for easy provisioning and scheduling. Integrate with Jenkins to run builds on-demand to expedite code deployment.

Improve Quality

Easily manage configurations, change requests and approvals to ensure testing is performed using the correct environments, components, layers and dependencies.


End-to-End Visibility

End-to-end visibility lets you know exactly what is happening, what’s scheduled, allocated and by who. Eliminate surprises with real time dashboards, reports and analytics.

continuous delivery pipeline
environment configuration

Mitigate Release Risk

Automated tracking and real time dashboards means you have full visibility of every test performed, every system error and broken link. Ensure quality and minimize the risk.


Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Secure and detailed logging supports even the most stringent regulatory or compliance requirements.