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Dial in Release Management perfection on complex enterprise applications of scale using a single source of truth to track, manage, orchestrate and communicate.

“There’s no way my team could have managed the rapid increase in release velocity without Plutora to manage it all.”

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Release Manager

The Challenges for Release Managers

There are few people that have more invested in the success of each and every release delivery than you do. Delivering projects on-time and on budget is a challenge that you face every day. Software release management shouldn’t be so difficult, yet the issues remain consistent.

release manager poor collaboration

Poor project collaboration

release manager slow moving

Slow release chain

release manager lack visibility

Lack end-to-end visibility

release manager unknown risk

Unknown risk to quality

release manager poor coordination

Poor team/resource coordination

release manager poor audit trail

Poor audit trail

Plutora Speeds up Your Process and Lowers Your Risk

Increase Delivery Speeds

Expedite DevOps & Agile product delivery through automation, managed handoffs and streamlined processes. Faster delivery times means it’s easier to be on time and on budget.


It’s easy to see every aspect of the release including current progress, test metrics, impacted systems and applications. Release insights ensure high-quality releases are delivered on time.

Release Management Tool - Calendar
Continuous Improvement of Software Delivery

End-to-End Visibility

Consolidate data from all teams to a single location for a complete project view. Real-time dashboards, reports and analytics enable smart decisions.


Improved collaboration, automated reporting and powerful analytics tools create end-to-end visibility which helps to lower your project risk and increase successful on-time releases.

Team Coordination

Improved collaboration, project visibility and configurable workflows enable fast reliable project flow between Development and test teams.


Secure and detailed logging supports even the most stringent regulatory or compliance requirements.

Software Quality Assurance

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