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Autonomous Teams

Scale decentralized development with value stream management

The move toward decentralized development with cross-functional, autonomous teams enables a long-term focus on a single product or service, also known as a value stream. Centering autonomous teams around value streams empowers them to become passionate about their product or service and experts in customer’s needs to deliver higher quality features faster.


Decentralization improves software quality and accelerates time to value


Complete Visibility

Eliminate black box development and make work visible from idea to realization

Break Down Silos

Improve collaboration as well as the alignment of business and IT with value stream-centric teams

Smart Dashboards

Role-based dashboards allow each team member to access contextual information to collaborate more efficiently


Measure the success of decentralization


Build in governance

Automate governance by building it into engineering team workflows to manage risk across decentralized teams.

Ensure continuous compliance

Automated governance removes the need to manually document activities, giving developers back the freedom to code.

Collaborate across teams

Interdependencies are still present among value streams even after teams decouple. Give autonomous teams a frictionless method for alignment and communication across the IT organization.


“We have folks in India, Czech Republic, Japan, China, and the United States. All using Plutora. We used to use spreadsheets and emails but Plutora has pulled us all together significantly.”

Senior Project and Release Manager, American Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

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