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Disciplined DevOps and Agile

DevOps and Agile practices are centered on smaller, autonomous, highly automated teams promising shorter and more frequent release cycles. As each team’s velocity improves, they can become siloed in the overall release process that must incorporate longer running releases and dependencies while adhering to compliance. Operational requirements are typically believed to be included in the release, but lack verification. The relentless focus on automation and speed often creates a “black box” feel to the business and the operations teams. DevOps teams struggle to manage the dependencies between their projects and the slower moving traditional release trains.

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Enterprise Release Management –
The Secret of Successful Teams

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Complete Visibility

Plutora integrates, abstracts and correlates information for releases, projects, environments, scopes & changes and quality into a single repository. Release managers transform from spending their time producing reporting to focusing on driving quality releases using the unique insights and analytics. Stakeholders are automatically kept current utilizing notifications, interactive dashboards and reports. Collaboration is implicit as the framework integrates updates back into the development and operation toolchains.

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Increased Velocity with Control

Define and schedule hierarchical releases with phases, dependencies, criteria gates and milestones. Ensure compliance through approvals, adherence of criteria gates and by integrating with each team’s development toolchains regardless of their development methodology. Coordinate dependent releases and impacted projects and systems. Plan, rehearse, and execute deployment plans that mix manual and automated cut-over steps ensuring maximum velocity regardless of the level of automation.

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Improved Quality

Plutora provides a complete picture of the nature of each release including quality information. These insights provide critical information and confidence during the go/no-go decision-making process. Problem areas are identified early enough to provide course corrections. Continuous improvement refines every release and deployment plan for future releases. Post-Implementation Review supports the release management team’s effort to refine all aspects of the software delivery process.

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Single Source of Truth for Enterprise Releases Integrated with DevOps and Agile Teams

  • End-to-end management solution for complex enterprise applications at scale including DevOps, Agile and Legacy teams.
  • Complete visibility of readiness, activities, schedules, changes, systems, projects and quality.
  • Integrated notifications via built-in RACI matrices and complete toolchain integration.
  • Analytics driven outcomes identifying key areas for automation.

Build predictable, high quality enterprise software releases at scale

  • Intermix Agile and Waterfall teams with a centralized release calendar and critical criteria.
  • Generate RACI matrices and maintain an auditable history of release artifacts.
  • Get test environment scheduling and configurations under control.
  • Establish visibility and control over the entire release
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agile devops - phases and gates

Enforce policy and apply governance

  • Define repeatable release plan phases (sprints) and quality gates (exit criteria).
  • Establish approval policies and associated workflows.
  • Trigger automated notifications of due dates or missed deadlines.
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“Plutora helped us produce 11 enterprise releases this year—up from 4 major and 4 minor releases 2 years ago—with only half the staff.”

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“We knew our delivery requirements and productivity needed to ramp up very quickly. That’s why we ended up choosing Plutora.”

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“I can save 50–70% of my time by looking at Plutora’s comments module instead of emails. It’s awesome.”

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