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Runbooks and Deployment Plans

Looking for a solution for creating, executing and archiving deployment plans? Look no further, we have the perfect solution.

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Real-Time Deployment Plans and Runbooks

Deployment Manager enables teams to create, execute and manage deployment plans for production cut-over and change request events. It replaces the manual spreadsheets and disparate documents currently used to track release deployments into production.

Multiple participants can collaborate to construct run-sheets and allocate deployment tasks to internal delivery teams, or external suppliers. All the participants involved in deployment plan execution receive a clear understanding of their accountabilities and can interact with the run-sheet regardless of their location.

Completed deployment plans are archived for future reuse or for audits.

Plutora Post Implementation Review Manager

Industry benefits

Deployment Manager is a crucial part of Enterprise Release Manager.

Save everything

Simplified cut-over plans

Simplify your complex war-room implementation plans with our collaborative, real-time execution engine. With production releases occurring more frequently, ensure your multi-location IT Ops, Dev and Vendors resources are working in sync.

Goals achieved


Minimise production failure when performing manual system deployments for all change requests, while automating the broadcasting of deployment plan progress to key stakeholders.

Reduce risk

Improved workflow

Dramatically improve your release deployment processes by standardizing control, transparency, and compliance with your cut-over and implementation plans.

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“Plutora helped us produce 11 enterprise releases this year—up from 4 major and 4 minor releases 2 years ago—with only half the staff.”

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“We knew our delivery requirements and productivity needed to ramp up very quickly. That’s why we ended up choosing Plutora.”

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“The high scores that Plutora received on feature effectiveness and customer satisfaction demonstrate that it is a leader in the enterprise release management market.”

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“We applaud the way Plutora Analytics empowers knowledge sharing and localized decision making around a common goal and look forward to delivering more flexibility for our mutual customers.”

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“Plutora is best for firms that want to connect and measure automated processes. [Its] ability to link, visualize, and orchestrate process will help organizations that seek greater transparency in their automated processes.”

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