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Test Environment Management

Test Environment Manager clearly identifies which environments are used during all release phases within the enterprise. It shows how environments relate to each other, highlights potential environment use resource contention, and reports on all releases impacted in the event of an environment failure.
Test Environment Management

Comprehensive Preproduction Environment Management

Manage environment allocation, contentions, configuration, activities, and reporting.

Icon - Accomodate Environment Topologies

Accomodate all environment topologies

A comprehensive feature set which allows test environment managers to manage all layers of standalone and integrated environments, and the configuration information of each layer.

Icon - Increase Efficiency

Drive up efficiency

Test environment managers can track upgrade and refresh completion and broadcast outages to all stakeholders. This drives up the efficiency of all IT Delivery teams and lowers the cost of unscheduled downtime.

Icon - Dashboard Views

Dashboard views

View all your projects and allocated test environments, visualize planned downtime against various environments for data refreshes, application upgrades, or planned environment integration switching.

Icon - Central Repository

A central repository

Allow test environment stakeholders to raise tasks and activities in a central repository. No more spreadsheets, emails or SharePoint sites. Plutora is a central interaction point between test environment managers and stakeholders.

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