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Test Management

In today’s world, applications and data are paramount to the success of any business. QA and testing solutions are a critical component of application release delivery.

Solution - Test & Quality Metrics

Plutora Test Management Solution

Plutora Test is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise Test Management solution that provides QA and test teams with a flexible and powerful test management system that delivers a consumerized user experience.

Developed from the ground up to solve all previous incumbent solution gaps, Plutora Test is an amazingly simple tool to configure. Built with a single database schema, Plutora Test allows organizations to manage all their projects easily in a single database, unlike existing legacy solutions.

Plutora Test is the most flexible test management solution on the market and suits the needs of IT and the growing business appetite for new features.

Plutora Post Implementation Review Manager

Industry benefits

Plutora Test is a new kind of test management platform, providing users with a range of test management solutions in one package, including waterfall testing type (SIT, UAT, Stage) and modern development approaches such as agile (scrums and iterations).

Save everything

Requirements management

Easily manage and track test coverage against your requirements to form a requirements traceability matrix.

Goals achieved

Test designer

Design your test runs and test cases in an intuitive User Interface (UI). Import test cases from XLS files or reuse test cases from your built-in test library.

Reduce risk

Test runner

Execute test cases using our visual test runner or use our test case interface to run and pass tests the traditional way.

Contractual compliance

Defects management

Plutora Test is the defect management solution with the best-in-class usability and functionality. Defect management workflows are customizable at a project level.

Easy collaboration

Test reporting

Generate IT and business user dashboards and comprehensive reports with amazing visuals, which give users access to their data in a few clicks.

Always improving

Quality leaderboards

Need to do more with less? Our leaderboard solution offers managers the ability to hook into their DevOps toolchains and see the best-performing developers based on metrics, such as code changeset, check-ins, and more.

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“Plutora helped us produce 11 enterprise releases this year—up from 4 major and 4 minor releases 2 years ago—with only half the staff.”

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“We knew our delivery requirements and productivity needed to ramp up very quickly. That’s why we ended up choosing Plutora.”

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“The high scores that Plutora received on feature effectiveness and customer satisfaction demonstrate that it is a leader in the enterprise release management market.”

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“We applaud the way Plutora Analytics empowers knowledge sharing and localized decision making around a common goal and look forward to delivering more flexibility for our mutual customers.”

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“Plutora is best for firms that want to connect and measure automated processes. [Its] ability to link, visualize, and orchestrate process will help organizations that seek greater transparency in their automated processes.”

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