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Test & Quality Metrics

Testing activities are decentralized and include a mix of manual and automated tests, business and technical users, disparate development methodologies, and geographically dispersed teams. Lacking a consolidation point, management must manually aggregate and coordinate across these information silos stitching together test and quality metrics. The exercise is not only time consuming, but immediately out of date once produced.

Solution - Test & Quality Metrics

Manage quality across the delivery pipeline

Icon - Test reporting

Access real-time quality insights

Plutora creates a central hub for all testing activities enabling greater efficiency with more tester time focused on testing. It provides the ultimate management layer for testing activities ensuring complete testing metrics and analytics. Eliminate legacy bottlenecks and improve the interaction between development and test. Easily drill down to gain deeper insights of automated and manual test results and defect rates.

Icon - Accurate test coverage

Ensure accurate test coverage

It is near impossible to correlate testing activities against requirements due to testing activities distributed between teams, automation and manual, development methodologies, and phases in the delivery pipeline. By correlating and aggregating testing activities, metrics and defects against the requirements, delivery managers use metrics to direct further testing activities.

Icon - Drive up efficiency

Improve test coverage

Real-time insights combined with requirements to test matching enables delivery teams to focus their efforts with maximum benefit. Test metric analytics provide root-cause analysis helping focus on areas ripe for automation as well as identifying further testing required. Delivery teams create release requirements based on quality metrics ensuring predictable releases.

Quality Metrics - Plutora Test Hub

Centralized testing activities and metrics hub

  • Aggregate testing activities across the delivery pipeline including manual, automated, exploratory and unit / integration testing
  • Gain insights from deep test analytics
  • Establish traceability from requirements to delivery improving quality at any stage

Establish traceability

  • Correlate all testing activity against project user stories and requirements ensuring proper coverage of tests
  • Provide consistent results supporting a mix of DevOps, Agile and Waterfall projects
  • Highlight risk areas utilizing leaderboards and analytics from prior releases
Quality Metrics - Escaping Defects
Quality Metrics - Release Readiness

Release insights include quality

  • Enforce quality targets as part of the release criteria
  • Track progress to goals during the release process
  • Highlight problem areas early enough to improve quality to alter the nature of the release
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