April 2021

VSM Roundup #9

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Value Stream Management Consortium SD Times Value Stream Management Consortium launches

The world of value stream management was abuzz this week with the launch of the Value Stream Management Consortium. Industry leaders have come together to advance the adoption of VSM. Exciting times!

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It has launched! Check out this heavy-hitting panel with the founding members of the Value Stream management Consortium. They each discuss VSM from their own unique perspectives.

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TechStrong TV TechStrong TV March 9, 2021

Helen Beal sits down with TechStrong TV's Alan Shimel to discuss the recently launched Value Stream Management Consortium.

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Value Stream Management Fact or Fiction Information Week Value Stream Management: Fact or Fiction?

VSM is getting more attention outside of software development circles because digital transformation demands it. Lisa Morgan dissects its merits in the latest for InformationWeek.

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VSM in the wild_ How to respond and react to change SD Times VSM in the wild: How to respond and react to change

This month's VSM DevCon presented a roundtable panel of diverse perspectives to look at how VSM is behaving in the “real world,” who is leading the effort, and the roadblocks businesses are coming across.

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Value Stream Management Highlights SKILup Day DevOps Institute SKILup Day: Value Stream Management Highlights

Plutora's Jeff Keyes shared unique insights during his session, “Accelerating Value Flow: Moving Beyond Story Points,” during this month's DevOps Institute SKILup Days.

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The Benefits of Visibility and Transparency VSMC The Benefits of Visibility and Transparency

The newly formed VSMC describes why VSM is NOT a way for managers to spy on developers, and, when done right, it’s not just a data dashboard. VSM is a powerful way to improve organizational culture, align teams, and foster collaboration.

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What is Advanced Analytics and why are businesses investing in it_ Techerati What is Advanced Analytics and why are businesses investing in it?

Want an answer posed in the title to this piece? Check out the answer in this piece by Jeff Keyes of Plutora. He points to the growing interest in advanced analytics and explains how business leaders can leverage them to their advantage.

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