Newsletter - July 2018

There's a New Look for Plutora

Did you notice the new look on our website? We’ve made refinements to our product platform and website. More than ever, the Plutora Continuous Delivery Management Platform enables enterprise-scale development to increase delivery velocity while also maintaining quality and improving efficiency.

“Plutora has really helped us drive a better process, a more consistent process, more predictability — when we say software is ready to go to production it really is ready to go. Customers don’t care about our process or the tools we use, but they notice results.”

– Director of IT of Multi-National Telecom Company

Gary Gruver

Webinar with Gary Gruver - Leading the Transformation: Applying DevOps Principles at Scale

July 18, 2018 - 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT - Most IT executives don’t understand how to transform their current legacy systems and processes to scale Agile and DevOps principles across their organization. Join Gary Gruver as he discusses his clear framework for improving development and coordinating work across teams in large organizations.

World Cup
10 Lessons IT Teams Can Learn from the World Cup:
“As the FIFA World Cup begins, around 3.2 billion people (half the eyes in the world) will be tuning in to watch the game take center stage in Moscow. It’s a game of strategy, skill and stamina, with strict rules and high stakes for the players involved. But there are many lessons we take from what is seen on the football pitch...” Continue Reading
News: Dalibor Siroky Featured in CIO Review
Fast and efficient software release is the need of the hour. A majority of enterprises today are resorting to DevOps in their quest to create an ideal combination of speed and quality. These organizations are undergoing a phase of digital transformation largely resulting in re-platforming and re-architecting, and the way these two components work in tandem to drive… Read the Article
Webinar - The State of DevOps Tools: A Primer
“DevOps practices are rapidly changing how enterprises and software producers bring their applications and digital services to market. Those watching the DevOps market have seen it grow, with new processes and toolsets to support software delivery and infrastructure management. The market is changing so quickly that...” Watch Now
See the Plutora Difference
We Help You to Deliver Software Faster Without Screwing up: We live in the midst of a digital revolution where software powers every business transaction. In the enterprise, software systems are large, complex, and messy. Your competitive business differentiator is... See the Difference

Analytics - My Oh My

Plutora has always had industry leading reports. But as part of the platform enhancements, they’ve taken it to the next level with game-changing analytics features that enables users and stakeholders to not only see key data, but drill-down and create views to those things that are important to them.

Video: Plutora Environments Demo
Plutora Environments provides comprehensive test environment management, helping quality teams to effectively manage and assign large scale enterprise test environments, no matter the infrastructure or deployment model. Watch Video
Video: Plutora Release Demo
Plutora Release provides a single source of truth for release management of complex enterprise applications at scale. Reduce risk and increase software delivery velocity with end-to-end release management and deployment orchestration for the entire enterprise portfolio. Watch Video
Discover the Solution that Fits You
No two needs are the same and you don’t have time to read it all. That’s why we have a page dedicated to help you identify what’s important to you. Identify key features by role or by use case. Explore Now
Do you have questions about Plutora products, Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery or Continuous Integration? Ask the Plutora Experts. Our forum is a direct link to our industry experts. Get timely responses to all your questions. Submit Your Questions

Did You Know

Plutora provides a keystone solution for all development chain activities. Mundane tasks are automated, letting your team focus their activities on what they were hired to do. It provides the ultimate continuous delivery management platform with real time dashboards, views and powerful analytics. Plutora eliminates legacy bottlenecks and improves the coordination and collaboration between teams and team members. Get your application delivery up to speed.

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