Newsletter - March 2019
201903 - Newsletter - Understanding CICD Pipeline

Understanding the CI/CD Pipeline

The CI/CD pipeline is crucial for DevOps, but few people understand all of its ins and outs. 
201903 - Newsletter - Why DevOps Isn't a Silver Bullet

Beyond the Hype: Why DevOps Isn't a Silver Bullet

DevOps tools don't necessarily equal DevOps success. Learn how to do DevOps right. 

201903 - Newsletter - 12 Agile Principles´╗┐

The 12 Agile Principles

Learn which of the 12 Agile Principles are still relevant to your business today. Use these fundamental rules to improve your software delivery process.
201903 - Newsletter - Agile vs. Waterfall

Agile vs Waterfall: A Leadership Guide to Choosing in 2019

Not quite sure which methodology is right for you? 

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