Newsletter - April 2019
201904 - Newsletter - DevSecOps

A Guide to DevSecOps

Given the current cybersecurity climate, trying to leverage DevOps to improve your workflow while ignoring security issues is like trying to push water uphill with a rake. Check out this guide to learn what you need to know now:
201904 - Newsletter - Configuration Management

Get Your Configuration Management Right

Configuration management is an increasingly important foundation for a successful tech platform. Tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible are now key to implementing the CI/CD pipeline. 
201903 - Newsletter - 12 Agile Principles´╗┐-1

Infrastructure as Code

You need it for DevOps, but how does it really work? Learn how to implement IaC to improve the lives of technical employees and boost the quality of software they produce. 
201904 - Newsletter - Shadow IT

Shine a Light on Shadow IT

In order to successfully manage it, you must first understand it. Get shadow IT under control in 7 steps:

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