Newsletter - May 2019
201905 - Newsletter - Burndown Chart

Using a Burndown Chart for Effective Project Forecasting

Burndown charts make project forecasting easier and more predictable. Learn how to use them to manage sprints.
201905 - Newsletter - Agile Methodology

Is There a Place for the Waterfall Methodology in 2019?

Is Waterfall methodology still viable in 2019? Or is the world moving towards all Agile all the time?
201905 - Newsletter - Scrum vs. Agile

Scrum vs. Agile: A Detailed Explanation of Their Relationship

Wondering if your organization should employ scrum? You're not alone. The first step is to ensure that everyone understands it so an informed decision can be made.

201905 - Newsletter - Feature Creep

Feature Creep Is a Problem. Learn How to Avoid It

Too many features can ruin your software product by making it unwieldy and hard to use. Fight off feature creep with these 7 useful methods.

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