Newsletter - July 2019
201907 - Newsletter - Overview Video

Video: Deliver High Quality Software Faster

Get an overview of how Plutora enables organizational alignment of software development with business strategy and provides visibility, analytics and a system of insights into the entire value stream.

201907 - Newsletter - Microservices

Understanding Microservices and Their Impact on Companies

Do you work on large development teams where tasks overlap and cause confusion? This invaluable guide explains how microservices can help. 

201907 - Newsletter - Containerization

Containerization: A Definition and Best Practices Guide

If you’re curious about containerization and what it can do for your organization, here are six simple strategies to get started.

201907 - Newsletter - Bimodal IT

Bimodal IT: Definition, Implications, and Dangers

Want both stability and agility for your enterprise? Bimodal IT might be the right model for you.

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