201911 - Newsletter - Predictive Analytics

What is Predictive Analytics & How Can It Help You?

Learn the most popular techniques and models for predictive analytics, then apply them with real-world examples from different industries.

201911 - Newsletter - Deployment Planning

Deployment Planning: Everything You Need for Success

The key to success for every enterprise project is a well-crafted plan. This blog will teach you to create an automated deployment pipeline and set metrics to measure post-deployment performance.

201911 - Newsletter - Agile Metrics

15 Agile Metrics That Actually Matter

Stop expecting miracles from agile if you haven’t implemented it properly. Agile and lean metrics are a must.

201911 - Newsletter - ITIL v4 change management-1

ITIL V4 Change Management in 2019: Everything You Need to Know

Change. Love it or hate it—and let’s be honest, most of us hate it—it will always be a big part of working in IT. In this article you'll learn what ITIL is, what change management includes, the different roles in change management, and how it relates to DevOps.

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