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Why do you need all these environments?

If a project has regular releases there’s a good chance that when a development team is finished with a feature, a QA team takes over to validate that feature. During that QA process, development teams often want to move on to the next feature. In these scenarios having two QA environments make sense as features can be delayed and releases will have to be serialized if a QA environment is “tied up.”

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An Environment for Every Developer?

This trend is showing up in the enterprise and it’s starting to cause friction for TEM managers who might not yet appreciate what’s driving this transition. If you’ve run a report on environments and noticed that one or two teams has hundreds of QA environments this is a signal that you have a team that is trying to transition to cloud-based development.

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Release Management RACI Matrix

Is it done yet or Why RACI is Essential Whether you are a release manager, a release engineer, or a someone just supporting a release you understand that the intersection of software releases and instant messaging can be frustrating.  Whether you use Skype, Jabber,...

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Business Value of a Release

A large focus of Project Management is implementing the highest priority market driven and customer related needs that result in the greatest return on investment for them. Releases are driven by business value and the risk to the operational state of a business....

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IT Release Schedules

IT Release Schedules In organizations that have large IT departments, software releases at the enterprise and individual team levels are very common. It is important to have a logical sequence of releases, in order to make sure that the service being delivered doesn’t...

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The Release Engineer’s Job

What do The Release Engineers job typically do. Release Engineers are the unsung heroes of the IT world. They are the guys who literally work behind the scenes building, innovating and making people’s lives easier when it comes to understanding and making the...

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ITIL Release Management System

ITIL Release Management System A release management system is an important component of the service transition process, which is described in the itSMF ITIL v3 framework. Release management plays a critical role in promoting software modules from development into the...

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Release Manager

What is Release Manager? Release Manager is an all in one software tool that manages all aspects of the release management lifecycle. Release Manager enables teams at a portfolio and/or enterprise team level to enforce a repeatable release framework. With Release...

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Agile Release Management

So teams in your organisation have decided to embrace Agile development for some Projects and/or BAU development and things are going great guns, your deploying code changes and releases in prod every week. Over on the other side of the fence IT ops are screaming at...

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What is a Release Train?

What does Release Train mean? Over many client engagements we have came across a few companies who aren’t familiar with this term. While we recognise the term “release train” is not an official IT delivery term, it is a term often used and referenced...

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