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No more silos! Improve communications and visibility across your entire release process, using your current tools.

Continuous Delivery with Collaboration,
Automation and Visibility

Jira Software with Plutora Test

Plutora Test tightly integrates test plans with Jira defects and user stories. Whether your Jira implementation is on-premises or in the cloud, Plutora Test creates a bi-directional sync to keep development and test tools automatically aligned. Teams continue to use their specialized tools, but are no longer siloed.

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Jira Software with Plutora Release

Jira integration feeds defects and user stories into Plutora Release, where release managers view consolidated status and interdependencies of complex releases at enterprise scale.

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Selenium with Plutora Test

Plutora Test integrates with Selenium to bring enterprise management, control, and reporting to test processes. Easily import and execute automated Selenium tests along with manual tests. Plutora Test maintains traceability between user stories, related test cases, and known defects to provide stakeholders valuable insight into validation efforts across all projects.

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ServiceNow with Plutora Release

Make your planning and engineering process visible to your operations team by integrating Plutora with ServiceNow. Unifying release tracking helps the organization to work together more efficiently — automatically coordinating work items, notifying stakeholders, tracking work items across the entire enterprise portfolio and enabling the use of operation’s matured workflows for both traditional and continuous delivery development processes.

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