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Jira Software

JIRA Software by Atlassian is a project and issue tracking tool that allows you to track any unit of work (such as bugs, tasks, and stories) through a predefined workflow. It is commonly used for software development, feature implementation, bug tracking, service desk ticket tracking, and agile project management.

JIRA features customizable scrum boards that enable agile teams to quickly deliver iterative and incremental value, as well as Kanban boards that give visibility to what’s next. Out-of-the-box reports offer insight into team performance sprint over sprint, and a configurable dashboard allows you to track what is happening in real time. You can also create test plans and test cases, conduct testing, and generate crash reports.

Aside from its versatility, JIRA is appealing for its sprawling ecosystem of add-ons and integrations. It boasts over 50,000 customers, some of which include Twitter, PayPal, and Salesforce.