How Enterprise Release Management Enables Digital Business Transformation
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How Enterprise Release Management Enables Digital Business Transformation

Market Upheaval is a Virtual Certainty

Will you reap the rewards or suffer the chaos of Digital Disruption?

With the era of digital transformation upon us, companies look out at the rapidly changing corporate landscape with both fear and hope.

This white paper endeavors to confront this complex reality and in so doing explain:

  • How IT projects and software functionality permeate through every aspect of every business.
  • How enterprise release management holds the keys to bridging the gap between project delivery and operations.
  • How implementing an automated enterprise release solution now can make you the instrument of digital transformation rather than the subject of it.

Achieve Digital Business Transformation using Release Management

The new reality in the business world is that software is the driving force behind day-to-day operations and innovation. Companies who aren’t transforming themselves to adapt to the market of increasingly digital competitors risk falling behind the curve and losing market share that took years to achieve. However, increasing the speed of innovation introduces business challenges – most notably, a gap between delivery and operations teams.

In this white paper, we dive into the challenges that digital business transformation presents to release managers and discuss why now is the time to implement a true enterprise release management solution to bridge the delivery/operations gap.