The ROI of Effective Release Management
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The ROI of Effective Release Management

Driving Business Value Through Predictable Software Delivery

The Need for Release Management

The growing pace, scope, and complexity of releases are necessitating implementation of sound release management.

Businesses are under mounting pressure to differentiate their product and customer experience from their competition. This requires them to deliver new value-added releases more frequently.

According to a survey conducted by voke in 2016, 52% of major releases were frequent and spanned monthly to quarterly release cycles. That’s significantly up from major releases occurring every one to five years in 2014, with annual releases being the most common.

With the need to release more frequently, product quality cannot be compromised. Easy-to-use, bug-free software is a business differentiator. Frequent releases with poor quality will adversely impact customer experience and the business.

This white paper will explore how an effective enterprise release management function can:

  • Reduce failed deployments
  • Cut down production errors
  • Speed up recovery from errors
  • Eliminate the expense of building internal tools
  • Improve schedules and reduce delays
  • Increase pre-production deployment availability
  • Improve release coordination by allowing proper cross-team planning
  • Provide complete lifecycle traceability for all the artifacts in a release pipeline
  • Improve ability to rollback or roll forward
  • Enable root cause analysis of failure