What is Enterprise Release Management
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What is Enterprise Release Management

Good Release Management Is Easier Said Than Done

Take a deep dive into the challenges and motivations that make Enterprise Release Management so crucial.

Key topics covered in this white paper include:

  • A definition of Enterprise Release Management and its constituent activities.
  • The┬ájob functions that support and are supported by Enterprise Release Management.
  • An explanation of Enterprise Release Management as an accelerator of DevOps practices across agile enterprises.
  • Concrete examples of how organizations benefit from Enterprise Release Management.

What is Enterprise Release Management?

Enterprise Release Management (ERM) is an emerging set of practices designed to support enterprise change initiatives and software delivery across multiple projects within large organizations. This whitepaper defines the scope of ERM and enumerates both the challenges motivating the adoption of ERM as well as the common characteristics of organization most likely to benefit from ERM.