Release Management is Not a “One Size Fits All” Solution
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Release Management is Not a “One Size Fits All” Solution

Are You Still Using Cookie-Cutter Release Management?

The modern Release Manager acts as a crucial bridge between Development & Operations.

Exploring that role in depth, this white paper will cover:

  • A DevOps-focused view of releases and deployments.
  • An ITSM-focused view of service management.
  • The drawbacks of resisting agile and clinging to rigid, outmoded tools.

ITSM vs ITIL vs DevOps

Enterprises supporting critical software releases understand the importance of setting up a strong release management function. Without this function software releases present both unmanageable risks and complexity. While several software tools have been developed to address these risks many attempts to do so from the perspective of IT Service Management (ITSM) using procedures detailed in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

By forcing organizations into ITSM-focused approaches these tools create a rigid, unrealistic approach to release management which ultimately increases risk as teams are forced to work around release management systems that don’t accurately model the reality of evolving approaches to software delivery.

Instead of adopting cookie-cutter solutions for release management based on static, flowchart-driven models enterprises need purpose-built systems designed with a model that can be adapted to the needs of an individual enterprise that incorporate components from emerging DevOps-focused approaches to release management and more standard ITSM-focused approaches to IT Service Management.