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Swapping I for E: a title transition more logical than you’d think

11-14-2018 – Dalibor Siroky, CEO and Co-Founder at Plutora, advises on the steps to take to progress from a CIO to a CEO.


The Hidden Business Risks Of Unhealthy Software

11-08-2018 – Plutora CMO Bob Davis warns businesses about software glitches, stating that “At every stage of the software development and maintenance life cycle, the potential exists for glitches and bugs to turn normal business operations into crisis management.”


How DevOps Has Changed

11-02-2018 – To understand the current and future state of DevOps, DZone asked 40 IT executives from 37 organizations, “How has DevOps changed since you began using the methodology?”


CIO career: From I to E – moving up in the world with a tech background

11-01-2018 – Dalibor Siroky of Plutora asks, “What does it take to go from CIO to CEO?”


Changing up the Vowels – from I to E

10-31-2018 – “Can a CIO become a CEO? To some this might seem like an impossible career path, but this could not be further from the truth,” says Plutora co-founder and CEO Dalibor Siroky.


4 Security Experts Weigh in on Global Internet Day

10-29-2018 – This article compiles the expert opinions of 4 cybersecurity researchers and advocates to help enterprises determine what they can change to step toward a bright digital future.


On Internet Day, 8 views on top data opportunities and challenges

10-29-2018 – October 29 marks International Internet Day, a good time on to reflect to the tremendous digital advances that have been made and the challenges that remain on the Web.


Tech Industry Leaders Reflect on Internet Day 2018

10-29-2018 – To celebrate Internet Day, top experts from leading technology companies share their thoughts on the importance of the internet, and the individuals who continue to develop and protect the online world.


Secret To DevOps Success? Be Like Lennon And McCartney

10-25-2018 – Jason Bloomberg observes that “Plutora offers metrics-driven outcomes that tie directly to customer value…”


Experts consider the importance of the Internet this ‘Internet Day’

10-25-2018 – Bob Davis, CMO at Plutora, comments: “As we reflect on Internet Day, it occurs to me that the core challenges that plagued the early days of the Internet are problems that still persist today. Program code has always suffered glitches, software continues to crash and certain technologies outpace others, throwing systems out of balance.”


Plutora: Change the way software updates

10-18-2018 – Plutora is named a top 10 fastest growing private company in Silicon Valley.


How cloud implementation is bringing benefits to developers

10-16-2018 – “With its elasticity, cloud provides organisations with the capacity they need whenever they need it, and all readily available,” says Jeff Keyes, Director of Product Marketing at Plutora…


Opportunity Knocks: Test Environment Management Delivers Cost Savings and Long-Term ROI

10-15-2018 – Whatever stage of maturity TEM tool integration is at in an organization, one of the key metrics to understand is the cost savings that can come from optimizing management and embracing the capabilities of commercial tools.


Concluding the cloud computing tour: Lessons learned & tools galore

10-10-2018 – According to the bi-annual CNCF survey, the “use of cloud-native technologies in production has grown over 200%”. Because of its popularity,  JAXenter asked the experts what their favorite tools, services, and platforms are…


Do You Really Need Enterprise Release Management in a DevOps World?

10-09-2018 – Jeff Keyes weighs in on the topic of whether the DevOps approach eliminates the need for Enterprise Release Management in software delivery.


Bringing Management in from the Release Pipeline Cold

10-09-2018 – Jeff Keyes discusses how to effectively adapt the role of management when transitioning an enterprise to a different software development model.


The effect of transformative technology on the state of the CIO

10-05-2018 – “In today’s digital world where DevOps and software are driving business results, CIOs’ focus is less on rooms filled with server racks and more on development projects and software, the speed of releases and the collaboration between a range of IT teams working in sync to ensure that the processes run smoothly,” says Plutora CEO and Co-Founder Dalibor Siroky.


Survey Highlights Substantial Cost Savings and Long-Term ROI from Test Environment Management Solutions

10-04-2018 – Full findings of a new EMA report, sponsored by Plutora, titled EMA 2018 Test Environment Management Survey have been announced. The study demonstrates the immediate cost savings that test environment management (TEM) tools provide, yet finds that only four percent of large enterprises have fully integrated TEM processes into organizational DNA.


Charlene O'Hanlon Interviews Bob Davis at Jenkins World 2018

09-28-2018 – Bob Davis of Plutora talks about the struggles organizations have in integrating their legacy systems with newer technologies such as cloud, as well as scaling their DevOps initiatives enterprise wide.


How DevOps and Cloud Can Increase Developer Efficiency

09-27-2018 – As cloud technologies become more pervasive, popular, and varied, enterprises and developers are utilizing it for efficiency and DevOps implementation. Plutora Director of Product Marketing Jeff Keyes discusses what’s next for the cloud…


CloudBees Core sets its sights beyond enterprise Jenkins

09-19-2018 – DevOps governance and value stream mapping have emerged as trendy product categories in 2018 as enterprises look to measure the effectiveness of their DevOps strategy. However, some CloudBees competitors, such as Plutora, have offered these capabilities for several years…


National IT Professionals Day: Celebrating those who code, wire, protect and analyze

09-19-2018 – The work that IT professionals do is often invisible to most users in the organization. On this occasion, Information Management gathered the thoughts of several IT leaders and technology experts on the debt of gratitude that all organizations owe these unsung heroes…


A tour of cloud computing: “Serverless is the natural evolution of microservices”

09-18-2018 – Jeff Keyes, Director of Product Marketing at Plutora, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing in an interview with JAXenter…


National Coding Week is here

09-17-2018 – “When I think of the basic skills any organization­ – from startup to large enterprise – must have within its ranks, it’s the ability to write code that meets rapidly-changing software needs with speed and at scale,” says Plutora CMO Bob Davis…


Why coding is crucial for the future of businesses

09-17-2018 – Bob Davis, CMO at Plutora, explains the importance of coding and why businesses should be investing in it to meet their changing needs consistently…


Bridging the DevOps gap relies on release management

09-17-2018 – Within organisations it seems as though the DevOps culture receives the majority of attention and the handoff from development to operations, which is arguably the most important cog in the machine, has been largely ignored…


What’s the new language of business? Hint, it’s no longer accounting….

09-17-2018 – “Coding is its own language but it’s no longer just the language of tech, it’s a language of all business,” says Plutora CMO Bob Davis…


Have You Been Doing DevOps Without Releasing Anything?

08-23-2018 – Plutora CMO Bob Davis explores how organizations can tap into their wealth of data and metrics to not only deliver value, but also create a common culture of visibility and transparency…

The Struggles DevOps Administrators are Up Against

05-22-2018 – Plutora CMO Bob Davis outlines common DevOps pitfalls that administrators should avoid…

Computer Business Review

Expert insight: DevOps Culture: A hierarchy of needs

08-20-2018 – The DevOps culture encourages communication, collaboration, integration and automation among software developers and IT operations, but it can also be swept up by a motivation to go beyond the scope of its basic needs and seek constant advancement…

Computer Business Review

The Mismanagement of DevOps

08-07-2018 – IT teams in organizations worldwide have invested significant time, resources, and funding in the DevOps toolchain, but has it been effective?

Computer Business Review

Additional Considerations for Automated Testing

07-13-2018 – 31 respondents, all industry executives, raised a number of thought-provoking topics and questions on the state of automated testing…

Computer Business Review

The ROI of Automated Testing

07-09-2018 – While the ROI is not a definitive number, the time saved and the reduced number of defects justify any expense or inconvenience…

Computer Business Review

Product Marketing In A Perfect World

07-06-2018 – When utilized correctly, product marketing is an opportunity to come up with interesting programs and campaigns to drive the messaging, says Jeff Keyes, Director of Product Marketing at Plutora…

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Streamlining DevOps Processes: Why the Blockchain is Essential to your Project

07-02-2018 – DevOps offers us a portal into the future, where software technology is always up to date, everything loads in a blink of an eye, and you will never again have to face another app failure…

Computer Business Review

Benefits of Automated Testing

07-02-2018 – Read about more than a dozen benefits to automated testing being seen in six key industries according to industry executives…


Gender Equality: A Trend The Tech Sector Needs To Get Behind

06-27-2018 – Plutora CMO Bob Davis discusses diversity in the workplace and the notion that different is powerful…

Computer Business Review

How Automated Testing Is Changing

06-22-2018 – We are seeing increased adoption of automated testing with the maturation of Agile methodologies and adoption of DevOps culture. Read the interview highlights for more…

Computer Business Review

Keys to Automated Testing

06-19-2018 – Save time and improve quality while realizing the goals and objectives of the organization with these key benefits of automated software testing…

Computer Business Review

As the World Cup kicks off, here are 10 lessons IT teams can learn

06-15-2018 – “While it is easy to see the teamwork, or sometimes lack thereof, from football players on the field, this idea of working as one is often harder to translate into the business world,” says Jeff Keyes, Director of Marketing at Plutora.


What Devs Need to Know About Automated Testing

06-11-2018 – Automated testing requires three primary skills: test scripting; understanding the use case; and, shifting left…

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Demystifying DevOps - It's About People Not Technology

06-11-2018 – Plutora CMO Bob Davis addresses myths and misconceptions surrounding the concept of DevOps, ultimately answering the question, “What exactly is DevOps?”

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Plutora, Facilitating High-Quality Enterprise Software Delivery

06-2018 – Plutora’s preference for a top-down approach “allows us to provide our customers with a holistic view of the entire delivery spectrum, right from the requirements phase to the operational level,” says Plutora CEO and co-founder Dalibor Siroky.

Computer Business Review

What the IT world thinks of GitHub’s acquisition

06-05-2018 – “The Microsoft acquisition of GitHub isn’t surprising and I believe will be one of many in the space over the next 12 months,” says Plutora CMO Bob Davis.

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Why Release Managers are the Unsung Heroes of Continuous Delivery

05-22-2018 – Good Release Managers are often hard to find, although they are an essential part of having smooth release management lifecycles. Bob Davis, CMO of Plutora explains the five steps of successful release management…

Continuous Testing in the DevOps Universe

05-21-2018 – According to Plutora CMO Bob Davis, as DevOps environments expand and grow more complex, adequate testing will largely come down to proper management…

DevOps Culture through the Prism of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

05-18-2018 – Plutora CMO Bob Davis likens the evolution of technologies to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs…


DevOps Dollars: Why There's Big Money In Fast Software Development

05-17-2018 – “As DevOps continues its path of domination, vendors are tackling questions of security, AI and machine learning as ways to advance the industry and provide further offerings for companies to leverage from this growing market,” says Plutora CMO Bob Davis…


Roadblocks to Automated Testing

05-14-2018 – To gather insights for the current and future state of automated testing, we asked 31 executives from 27 companies, “What are the most common issues you see affecting automated testing?” Here’s what they told us…

HeForShe: Bob Davis | CMO, Plutora

05-01-2018 – The goal is to have an organization filled with smart, creative, energetic and self-motivated individuals, regardless of their gender, says Bob Davis, Plutora CMO…

How to make test environment management more efficient than ever

04-18-2018 -Now that software exists across every industry, organisations that rely on information need to reimagine themselves as software companies to avoid falling behind competitors, says Plutora CMO Bob Davis…

Digital transformation and automated software release management – what’s the link?

04-18-2018 – Plutora CMO Bob Davis is featured in the April edition of Digitalisation World’s e-magazine. In this article, he addresses various challenges faced by businesses in today’s world of digital transformation…

DevOps – Ensuring Everyone at a Large Organization is on the Same Team

04-17-2018 – Jeff Keyes, Director of Product Marketing at Plutora, outlines three major issues that large organizations face when it comes to seamlessly implementing a DevOps culture.

Release Managers — The Unicorns of Continuous Delivery

04-17-2018 – Plutora Director of Product Marketing Jeff Keyes explains how companies can find the right release manager.

The Art of Managing Software Release-Cycle Processes

04-09-2018 – The scale and scope of application releases has grown and widened, making the management of testing processes more and more complex…

Improve the Partnership Between Dev and Test

03-29-2018 – Sr. Product Marketing Manager Lenore Adam discusses the challenges of application delivery in the enterprise with DevOps guru Gary Gruver.


Is Your Release Cycle Process Costing You a Fortune?

03-27-2018 – Organizations may have started with a simple release cycle with a small number of developers and QA testers, but projects have quickly become more complex, requiring more developers, more teams and more time. In this article, Plutora CMO Bob Davis explains why the case for continuous delivery management is likely to become indisputable over time.


Is Your Software Delivery Strategy Stuck On The Runway?

03-13-2018 – Plutora CMO Bob Davis offers his insights on software delivery delays, why they happen, and how to prevent them…


Is Your DevOps Release Cycle Process Costing You a Fortune?

03-10-2018 – You can save a lot in your budget by making sure you aren’t falling into traps that spike your DevOps release cycle costs, says Plutora CMO Bob Davis…

It’s Never Too Late to Join the DevOps Integration Race

02-16-2018 – The world of DevOps is more accessible than it first appears, and the perceived barriers to its adoption in reality can be overcome without hassle, says Bob Davis, Plutora CMO…

Plutora Enables Predictable, High-Quality, Automated Enterprise Software Delivery

02-13-2018 – Tech Company News interviews CMO Bob Davis on the present and future trajectory of Plutora…

Test Environment Management

02-06-2018 – Sr. Product Marketing Manager Lenore Adam breaks down how an international energy and services company wrestled control of 1400 test environments with the help of Plutora Environments…

Plutora “Unwinds the Spaghetti” of Highly Complex DevOps

01-30-2018 – Bootstrapped by Dalibor Siroky and co-founder Sean Hamawi, Plutora now has over 60 employees on three continents serving 40 corporations – including several Fortune 500 firms. In 2016 Sydney-based Macquarie Capital invested $13.4 million into the Mountain View, Ca-headquartered team. Since then Dalibor and Hamawi have been busy hiring and scaling towards a global market presence…

IT Management and DevOps: Product, Not Process

01-23-2018 – By 2020, all companies will need to learn how to be software companies, says Bob Davis, Plutora CMO…

Why Automated Software Release Management Will Be Key to Digital Transformation in 2018

01-18-2018 – The new reality is that every company needs to be a digital, software-powered company, says Plutora CMO Bob Davis…

Plutora Brings Order to Application Testing Chaos

01-15-2018 – One of the reasons application testing doesn’t occur as often or extensively as most IT organizations desire is because managing multiple simultaneous testing projects is complex. To help simplify the management of applications testing at scale, Plutora has updated Plutora Environments…

Digitalisation World

Plutora Environments Addresses Multi-Billion Dollar Software Release Challenges

01-12-2018 – New continuous delivery pipeline functionality enables delivery teams to establish traceability and visibility of continuous testing workflows at scale…

Plutora Environments Addresses Multi-Billion Dollar Software Release Challenges

01-11-2018 – Plutora Environments provide real time visibility across the enterprise portfolio to establish a single source of truth to align teams and identify and resolve resource conflicts…


Plutora Environments Addresses Software Release Challenges

01-11-2018 – A new release of Plutora Environments enables organizations to manage multiple test environments to eliminate conflict and configuration challenges and enhance visibility, traceability, and control…

SD Times

Plutora Announces New CD Pipeline for Test Management

01-11-2018 – The continuous delivery management company Plutora wants to streamline enterprise test environment management in its latest release. The company announced the new CD Pipeline functionality as part of its Plutora Environments solution…


New Version of Plutora Environments Released

01-11-2018 – A major new release of Plutora Environments enables organizations to manage multiple test environments to eliminate conflict and configuration challenges…

SD Times

Continuous Testing Enables the Promise of Agile

01-02-2018 – Sean Hamawi, Plutora co-founder & CTO, outlines the strategies and challenges of Continuous Testing…

Computer Business Review

How to Solve the 5 Worst DevOps Failures

12-18-2017 – The 5 main reasons why DevOps initiatives often fail and the best ways you can fix them, by Plutora co-founder & CEO Dalibor Siroky…

IT Briefcase

IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: The Glitch Economy

11-08-2017 – Dalibor Siroky, CEO and co-founder at Plutora, answers some questions about the impact of the glitch economy and discusses what can be done to prevent software glitches…


Clearing the Software Testing Bottleneck

11-01-2017 – Taking a fresh look at how teams can work better together will ensure that testing isn’t a bottleneck, but rather a catalyst for delivering software faster, says Bob Davis, Plutora CMO…


The Glitch Economy: Counting the Cost of Software Failures

10-30-2017 – Software glitches happen every day, but modern enterprise release management technology can help businesses to better match development to delivery, says Dalibor Siroky, Plutora co-founder & CEO…

Computer Business Review

Plutora is a Top 20 Influential Brand for Release Management

01-31-2017 – Plutora Release Manager, the industry-leading release management solution, has received a vote of confidence from the release management community, with the announcement of Electric Cloud’s Top 20 Vendors in Release Management…

Computer Business Review

5 Release Management Tools for your DevOps Strategy

01-15-2017 – DevOps, a culture that emphasises the collaboration and communication of software developers and IT professionals, is becoming an increasingly important part of a software building strategy…

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Macquarie Capital Backs Expat Aussie Startup Plutora with $18.5m Raising

12-21-2016 – Expat Australian tech start-up Plutora has raised $US13.4 million ($18.5 million) in its first external funding round, from Macquarie Capital, as it starts to generate global interest from big name clients…

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Plutora won two awards: "2016 Greatest Potential Award" and "The B2B Enterprise Award"

10-11-2016 – Tech23 is one of the few truly national forums where Australian achievements can be recognised and celebrated…

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Some Aussie businesses using DevOps to improve customer engagement and reduce IT spend: report

10-31-2014 – DevOps goals of organisations include increasing business efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction and driving value to the business through introducing new capabilities…


Enterprise Release Management and Test Environment SaaS Solutions

09-01-2014 – Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Plutora provides enterprise release management and test environment SaaS solutions to clients in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific…

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DevOps to improve customer engagement and reduce IT spend

09-01-2014 – Fifty per cent of 100 Australian companies surveyed who use DevOps had increased their customer engagement, while 48 per cent reported reduced IT spending, according to the results of a new survey…

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Four Aussie vendors on worldwide "Cool" list

05-20-2014 – Four Australian companies have earned worldwide attention by being named in Gartner’s Cool Vendors list for 2014…

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Never Release Without Environmental Factors

05-14-2014 –Plutora Test Environment Manager arrives this month as a cloud-based test environment application. The firm claims to be the only cloud SaaS provider on the market that brings together Enterprise Release Management…

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Straight Up Startup Featuring Sean Hamawi, Director & Co-Founder, Plutora, Inc.

12-12-2013 – Sean Hamawi is co-founder and director of Plutora, Inc., an Australia-based SaaS provider that enables companies to manage their enterprise IT pipeline, enterprise IT releases and IT environments with an…

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Avaya Expands Cloud Portfolio with Collaboration and Communications Tool

11-20-2013 – Plutora, the company that produces a SaaS-based application to manage software releases, released the latest Enterprise Release Manager version 2.0, a cloud based on demand tool to control software releases…


Plutora hopes to ease test environment woes

10-22-2013 – Enterprise management software provider releases souped-up tool to help companies take control of test environments…

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Plutora releases Test Environment Manager

10-22-2013 – Enterprise release management software vendor, Plutora, has released its Plutora Test Environment Manager….

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Plutora Updates Enterprise Release Manager to Improve Your Software Release Management

10-18-2013 – The ability to trigger the deployment, the ability to track release management capabilities, and the ability to successfully repeat this process to deploy continuous software releases is a cumbersome process for any IT administrator…

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Behind the Software Q&A with Plutora Co-Founders

10-16-2013 – Within the relatively new discipline of release management, teams rely on intricate platforms and complicated procedures to coordinate software releases. Australian startup Plutora is revolutionizing the industry…

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Plutora announces updates to Enterprise Release Manager

10-01-2013 – Plutora, the leader in enterprise release management software, today announced the availability of Plutora Enterprise Release Manager version 2.0…

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High Flying Plutora Heralds the Recognition of DevOps

09-30-2013 – DevOps as a term is one of those IT labels that is spoken about by the cognoscenti, but largely ignored by the real people who matter, enterprise IT. However, the ethos that underlies the DevOps term…

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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Avoid Test Slippage

09-30-2013 – Poor test environment management is often the common denominator when testing on large-scale projects or programs slips from the test schedule. This is normally one of the high percentage root causes of slippage amongst the other usual causes such as bad requirements, overly buggy code, and resource constraints…

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Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On Plutora: Aussie-Built Enterprise IT Release Management Software

09-30-2013 – Searching for software that automates the planning, management and deployment of complex releases and test environments across the enterprise in a simple and transparent manner? Sydney…