#1 Value Stream Management Tool Deliver high-quality software in a fast, reliable and hassle-free way

Plutora reduces time to value, giving full control, visibility and automation capabilities over the complete software delivery process. 

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What you can do with Plutora

The impact of Plutora


Reduction in deployment time

"We all believe that Plutora reduces our operational risk and increases our productivity."

Marc Dovico,
Senior Project Manager,
BT Financial Group


Increase in minor and major releases

“There’s no way my team could have managed the rapid increase in release velocity without a solution to manage it all."

Senior IT Manager
Leading wireless provider


Less time coordinating releases

“Plutora is now our single system of record. Before, release data was scattered across the enterprise.”

Vice President
Health care provider’s EHR system

It is a strategy to orchestrate people, technology and processes to increase the business value delivered. It manages the complete value stream of diverse and complex pipelines of an organization, no matter the methodology and toolset.

We recommend getting started with Plutora in a small group or project within your organization with a POC (Proof of Concept) so that you can demonstrate the power of value stream management, then expand from there to other areas of the business. 

The majority of our customers begin with test environment management or release management features. From there, they mature their value stream management process by adding deployment planning and execution, analytics and predictive analytics, and finish with a complete value stream mapping view. 

Yes! You can use Plutora to manage your pre-production environments and improve the quality and speed of your software delivery process, thereby saving time and reducing costs.

Yes! You can use the release management features and access reporting and analytics without getting the whole platform.

Plutora integrates with most of the popular software delivery tools. You can connect in different ways: via an out-of-the-box adaptor for the most common tools, using our integration hub to set business rules, or with a custom adaptor using our powerful API.

The pricing varies depending on your process and maturity. It is also dependent on the features that you need from our platform. Please request a demo to get your personalized quote.

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