The Plutora Platform

A complete software delivery management solution engineered to improve time-to-value

Plutora provides you with a control tower overseeing the entirety of your software delivery people, processes, and tools independent of methodology, automation, or tool vendor.

Plutora Platform Key Metrics

The Most Complete Value Stream Management Solution

Systematically improve your digital transformation journey scaling Agile and DevOps across the enterprise.

Plutora VSM platform

Business Intelligence

Visualize and map your value streams. Utilize data from key systems for metrics such as cycle time, lead time & process time.

Deployment Management

Plan, track and orchestrate execution of production cut-over activities.

Planning & Idea Management

Coordinate initiatives and changes across the portfolio organizing dependencies for releases.

Post Implementation Review

Manage your “Kaizen” at every stage of delivery.

Release Management

Plan, coordinate and orchestrate releases and associated IT resources.


Interconnect your key systems, transform data through a wide variety of methods.

Test Environment Management

Schedule, coordinate and orchestrate pre-production environments for usage in any delivery pipeline.

Governance & Compliance

Ensure policy adherence through auditable phases and gates for every process.

Benefits of implementing the Plutora Platform and Value Stream Management

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