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Value Stream Management Platform

Scale DevOps to the Enterprise

Plutora Continuous Delivery Management

Your IT landscape is complicated with mixed architectures, varying DevOps and Agile adoption, migration efforts to the cloud for test environments, automated and manual testing activities and heavy regulatory requirements. You have constant pressure to deliver faster and more frequently – all without compromising quality.

Plutora puts you back into control giving you the visibility of every delivery pipeline across the entire portfolio. Your legacy information gathering efforts are replaced with governance and collaboration aligning individual teams with the business. Plutora is your single control center for application delivery.

One solution to manage every pipeline,
every architecture, every methodology.

Get more value out of the people, processes and tools you already use.

Icon Plutora Release

Release Planning, Coordination and Orchestration

Increase software delivery velocity and reduce risk with end-to-end release management for the entire enterprise portfolio.

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Icon Plutora Environments

Test Environment Coordination and Orchestration

Get complete control over pre-production IT environments to eliminate contention, optimize utilization, and improve efficiency.

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Icon Plutora Test

Deployment Planning, Coordination and Orchestration

Manage the planning, approval and execution of production cut-over activities.

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