Changing the way the world creates software

Every organization in the world needs to become a software company. Software is driving digital transformation. Delivering software faster and with higher quality returns value to the enterprise, as well as productivity to customers around the world. It is the only way to stay competitive in a fast-changing world that values continuous innovation.


Our mission is to help companies achieve this; to help companies become software juggernauts. We empower enterprises to shape the world through amazing software. Be Epic.

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We live and breathe our values

These values are the core of Plutora, the DNA that shapes our company and defines who we are and what we do. 
Every Plutorian lives and breathes them, framing the day to day of the company and defining who we hire.


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customer focused

Customer Focused




Results Oriented

We are Plutorians

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Our Story

It all started not too long ago when two IT executives, Dalibor Siroky and Sean Hamawi, felt that complex software delivery processes had significant problems to solve. With this big challenge ahead they gathered a team of talented and energetic people to build Plutora.

A release, test environment and deployment management solution to manage the end to end software delivery process improving visibility, efficiency, quality and speed.

We work every day on creating the #1 tool for software delivery management with the mission to transform every organization in the world into a software juggernaut.

November 2011

Our founders, Sean and Dalibor, hatch the idea to start Plutora to solve the problems they've encountered in the enterprise release and test environment space.

October 2012

Plutora version one comes out of BETA and is released to the market. Our first paying customer from the UK insurance sector selects Plutora to manage releases.

March 2014

We expand our global headquarters in Mountain View, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley to accommodate our significant growth.

June 2015

With our continued growth, we open up a permanent presence in the UK to service our EMEA customers.

December 2016

We land an investment of USD 13.4 million from Macquarie Capital.

February 2018

We upgrade to a new and fantastic office in Sydney, known as “the mothership”, to accomodate our growing team.

August 2022

As Plutora pushes to new heights, we evolve our logo to reflect the pioneering spirit of our brand.