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About Plutora

We’re a growing, talented team located across three continents so we can better serve our global customers.

Our Mission

Enable predictable, high-quality enterprise software delivery across the entire release portfolio

Our Values

At Plutora, our entire team lives by our values day in and day out.
Our values help keep us focused on achieving our mission.

Customers Always Come First

Supporting our customers takes priority above all other activities.

We're a Team

We're a Team

We aim to support each other, no matter where we work.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

We continually seek to learn and grow in our careers.

Fitter and Faster

Fitter and Faster

We aim to bring innovation to everything we do at the speed our customers want it.

Years of Trust and Commitment

Plutora originated in a problem space we encountered as executives delivering complex systems within large institutions over the last five years.

As executives, we needed a simple and transparent way to manage the flow of features from business stakeholders, through various IT environments, ultimately culminating in a release to customers. The IT landscape was also becoming more complex, through multi-sourcing arrangements, multiple vendor involvements, globally distributed teams and a move to cloud-based services.

Who Are We?

It all started not too long ago when two IT executives felt the release and test management tooling wasn’t the best it could be. With a big idea, they built a team of highly energetic and talented people to focus on building cutting-edge solutions with a consumer-facing UX for enterprise IT teams.

And we have done all this to date with the help of our amazing customers.

Investors in Plutora


Macquarie Capital

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Our Story

November 2011

Our founders, Sean and Dalibor, hatched the idea to start Plutora to solve the problems they encountered in the enterprise release and test environment space.

October 2012

Plutora version one comes out of BETA and is released to the market. Our first paying customer from the UK insurance sector selects Plutora to manage releases.

March 2014

We expand our worldwide headquarters in Mountain View, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley to accommodate our significant growth.

June 2015

With our continued growth we opened up a permanent presence in the UK to service our EMEA customers.

August 2016

Plutora Test is launched to the general public, bringing cloud-based test management to enterprise customers.


December 2016

We landed an investment of $13.4 million USD from Macquarie Capital.


May 2017

The Plutora team grew by over 50% in the first half of 2017, leading to continued expansion with the opening of a new corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, CA.

Industry Analysts Recognize our Technology

“Designed to replace the haphazard combination of spreadsheets, text documents and collaboration tools often used by release managers to get the job done.”

“Plutora clearly defines its role as release and environment management of more agile DevOps processes mixed with existing infrastructure and release processes.”