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In today's digital age, every organization must master the art of software excellence.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the key to staying ahead lies not just in software, but in pioneering software that's faster, flawless, and truly transformative. This isn't just about giving businesses an edge - it's about supercharging global productivity and nurturing ceaseless innovation.

Join us on a journey to redefine the future. We're here to elevate enterprises to the zenith of software mastery. Together, let's craft software that doesn't just change games, but sets entirely new rules.

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Our journey:
The Plutora story

In the not-so-distant past, two visionary IT executives, Dalibor Siroky and Sean Hamawi, recognized an obstacle in complex software delivery processes. Fueled by this challenge, they rallied a team of vibrant talent to birth Plutora.

What emerged was more than just software—it was a comprehensive solution for release, test environment, and deployment management, aimed at refining the software delivery process for enhanced visibility, efficiency, quality, and speed.

Every day, we channel our passion and expertise towards our vision: pioneering the ultimate tool for software delivery management, and empowering organizations globally to become software titans.

November 2011

Inspired by the challenges in the enterprise release and test environment, Sean and Dalibor conceived Plutora.

October 2012

Plutora Version 1 transitions from BETA, capturing the attention of our inaugural paying customer from the UK's insurance sector.

March 2014

To mirror our burgeoning growth, we relocated our global headquarters to the bustling heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View, CA.

June 2015

Our expanding footprint saw us establish a dedicated UK base to cater to our EMEA clientele.

December 2016

We garnered a monumental investment of USD 13.4 million from Macquarie Capital.

February 2018

As our team continued to flourish, we moved into our awe-inspiring Sydney office, fondly dubbed "the mothership."

August 2022

In alignment with our ever-evolving aspirations, we revamped our logo—a testament to Plutora's relentless innovation and pioneering spirit.

Team oriented

Success at Plutora is a team effort. We celebrate and reward every contribution, fostering a fun and supportive environment for all.


Respect is crucial in all our interactions, creating a solid foundation for our relationships with customers, partners, and vendors alike.


Creativity fuels our journey. We embrace new ideas and innovative solutions, ensuring we always offer the best to every part of our business.

Results Oriented

Speed and agility define our work ethic, as we focus on delivering quality results and fulfilling our commitments at every turn.

Customer Focused

We exist to add value to our customers, constantly striving to understand their needs and exceed expectations with exceptional experiences.

At Plutora, our values aren't just words—they're our essence

Deeply ingrained in our DNA, they shape our identity, guiding every decision and action. Every Plutorian embodies these principles, setting the standard for our daily operations and influencing every new addition to our team.

Steering our vision: The leadership team

Dalibor Siroky

Dalibor Siroky - CEO / Co-Founder

Dalibor has close to 15 years of leadership, consulting, enterprise product, and operations experience in Australia, Asia, and Europe. Before co-founding Plutora, Dalibor was the founder and managing director of Finotaur, a leading provider of independent management consulting services to Wealth Management, Investment Management, Private Banking, and Payment institutions within the Asia Pacific region. Prior to Finotaur, Dalibor served as the CIO of financial advisory software at Macquarie Bank, head of solution architecture at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and as a management consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. 

Mukund Singh

Mukund Singh - Chief Customer Officer

Mukund has over 15 years of experience in various Customer Success leadership roles in the high tech sector. Before joining Plutora, Mukund was the Chief Customer Officer at Axcient, leading the team through a M&A activity and developing programs for customer retention and management. Prior to that, he served as Senior Director of Customer Success at Marketo. Earlier in his career, Mukund held various CS leadership roles at  Juniper Networks and Ciena. Mukund holds a MBA in Finance and a MS in Industrial Engineering.

Justin Domaingue

Justin Domaingue - Head of Engineering

Justin has been working with technology for nearly 25 years to deliver customer focused solutions for both small and large organisations. He has worked for small businesses offering custom solutions to both private and government sector as well as working for large financial institutions such as AMP in Australia, and Groupama Insurance in the UK. Justin has been a Plutorian since 2016 initially working as a technical project manager, then as Engineering and Delivery Lead.

Nathan David

Nathan David - VP of Sales

Nathan has 20+ years of experience managing direct and indirect sales into large Enterprise and Service Providers in North America, as well as deep experience calling at high levels into an organization and building business strategies to help teams get better visibility into their networks, applications and customer experience. He has managed both large Enterprise accounts and top Service Provider accounts across all of North America, taking new products & service offerings into the analytics and performance management domain.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.

Optimize operations, heighten transparency, speed up success.